Must Know Things before Choosing Web Designing Carrer

web design

Web design is both an art and a skill, and many professionals had a knack for it well before they got formal training (or not). The beauty of it is that you can self teach many aspects of it, it’s constantly evolving so you never get board, and comprehensive web design requires numerous skills. Anyone from graphic designers to writers and coders might be drawn to the field. However, a few designers lead the pack.

If you’re considering IT jobs as a future career, take a closer look at web design and dig below the surface. For instance, if you look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual average salary for a web designer isn’t that impressive. However, that’s taking into account several entry level positions. The real potential is limitless, particularly if you end up opening your own company or holding a senior position for a major corporation.

Do you think web design is in your future? Here are a few signs you’re on the right path:

1. You see the big picture

Having a gorgeous web design is great, but it’s useless if it’s not mobile ready  or there are so many images that the page load time is horrific. Good web designers know that the ultimate goal is a positive user experience, and aesthetics is just part of the campaign. They also know SEO, can write well, and follow the latest trends in design.

2. You believe there’s no such thing as too much testing

You know that there’s no such thing as a “perfect” website but you’re committed to testing and re-testing until you get it as flawless as possible. Who knows what kind of glitches might pop up if someone’s using a new smartphone or a 10-year-old lumbering desktop. You know that users come with all different devices and design accordingly.

3. You can match schemes to reputations

A website for teddy bears and one for car tires are going to have very different color schemes, layouts and font choices. You might be more comfortable with one industry than another, but you know what consumers in each niche want (or you at least research it well). You’re somewhat of a chameleon and can adapt easily no matter how far outside your comfort zone things get.

Finally, it’s a good sign if you’ve already built a website  and enjoyed it. Finding what you love, and getting paid for it, is the dream.