Watson’s – A Guide to Choosing High-Quality Furniture

by Lalithaa

Furniture affects the general aesthetics and functionality of any space whether indoors or outdoors.  Whether you want to furnish a new space /home or upgrade an existing space or décor, you need to select good quality furniture so that you will have long lasting satisfaction.

Sometimes, people get carried away by the beauty of décor pieces that they fail to consider so many other factors. Some others also do not think of furnishing their outdoor spaces until well into summer. They begin to scramble for patio furniture, pools, hot tubs and pool tables or other amenities to make the season fun when summer is already underway.

This makes it a bit more difficult to objectively carry out comparison shopping and check out all that is necessary to look out for. But when you start out early to look for all the items that will make your summer a fun time, you will be able to take all the necessary factors into consideration.

In this article therefore, we will help bring to the fore those factors that you need to consider when choosing furniture pieces for both your outdoor and indoor spaces.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Furniture

Buying furniture is not a casual purchase; you have to invest some good sum of money. This therefore means that careful thought has to go into the process because a bad choice will entail loss of a substantial sum.  We have curated some factors that will help guide you in making a worthwhile choice. Below are some of the major factors to consider:


One of the major things to look at when considering a piece of furniture is the craftsmanship that went into the production. Good quality furniture only comes about as a result of careful and precise attention to details and skilled craftsmanship.   Well-made pieces will have strong joints, tight upholstery and smooth finishes.

Look out for how each component fits together, ensure that elements such as drawers slide smoothly and doors and similar components open and close effortlessly. Thoroughly examine the construction style that’s used by the manufacturer. Examples of great techniques include dovetail joints which provide durability and strength and mortise-and-tenon or double doweled joints.

What this also means is that you have to do a little bit of research on furniture construction techniques. You can check out this page for more information: https://www.thecrucible.org/.


The material used in the manufacturing of the pieces is also an important factor that determines the quality of the piece. High end products are characterized by premium materials which contribute to their aesthetic appeal and durability.

If you are looking to choose wooden furniture, go for solid pieces instead of particle board or veneer. Solid wood such as walnut, mahogany or oak are quite durable and can be refinished or repaired if the need arises.  Also look for pieces that are made from materials that are environmentally sustainable. This way you will help to reduce negative footprints on the environment.

When checking out the upholstery of any product, look out for fabrics that are easy to maintain and will last long. Consider microfiber or leather since they are known for their resistance to wear and tear and their durability. Make sure that the cushions are filled with down or high density foam; these materials make for maximum support and comfort. Furthermore, bear in mind that good quality upholstery should have seams that are tightly sewn and the patterns must match precisely.

Do not neglect to check out the hardware used in construction; this is also an aspect of materials to assess. The hardware to examine includes drawer slides and handles and also hinges. Ensure that these items are made of top quality durable materials such as stainless steel or brass.

Style and Aesthetics

While the two factors that we have discussed above are very important as they make up the foundation of any good piece, the style as well as aesthetics also matters a lot. You must choose pieces that align with your taste and personal style. The furniture must complement the overall décor of the room and not detract from it. Take special note of the scale and proportion of the pieces in relation to the size of the space.

On the issue of style, classics have been known to stand the test of time and are quite versatile. However, you can go for eclectic or contemporary styles; only make sure that the quality is top notch on all fronts.  Click here for examples of classic furniture designs.

Functionality and Practicality

Much as you will want to have furniture that’s exquisite in appearance and style, note that practicality and functionality cannot be compromised. Determine the specific need(s) that the piece will meet for you.  For example if you are buying furniture for storage, ensure that the cabinets and drawers provide enough space that is also easy to access.

Consider the practicality of maintenance. Do not choose any product that you can’t afford to maintain as per time and resources.


Choosing good quality furniture is not rocket science but you need to put in some work if you want the best option for you. We have shared some brief but important tips in this article; we recommend that you bear them in mind as you go scouting for pieces to liven up your living space.

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