Two New Certifications Available for Microsoft Office 365

 Cloud administration is the future of IT, and the future is now upon us. In the midst of this major switch, Microsoft has developed an application specifically for the cloud: Office 365, a subscription-based online office platform that is continually being incorporated into businesses across the world. It’s the perfect application for the cloud platform because of its ability to be connect users and store information in one central location that can be viewed anywhere, anytime, from any computer or device.

Now, Microsoft is offering two IT certifications specifically revolving around this software. The first is Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, which is considered the cornerstone for work in the cloud. It serves as the foundational level of certification in this field, as it verifies your knowledge of general concepts in cloud-based administration and the specific applications offered in the Office 365 suite. Only one exam – 70-323 – is required to earn this certification.

The second certification is Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional, which improves your competence in the cloud field of IT tremendously. By earning this certification, you will have gained an immense skillset needed to successfully work with Office 365 and all of its related components. It also requires a single exam – 70-321 – that builds on the concepts tested in the 70-323 exam (this certification cannot be earned before first earning the MCTS certification). At this level, you will be more than ready to begin work with the cloud.