Tumblr Ups Security : Tech Tips

Tumblr is still trailing behind other social media (SM) platforms when it comes to popularity, but that doesn’t mean it’s sitting at the geek table in the digital cafeteria. Plus, it’s learning form the cool kids like Twitter and Google, and finally putting those “lead by example” lessons to good use. After watching Apple, Microsoft, Dropbox and other tech giants beef up their own security, Tumblr is (finally) following suit and introducing a two-step authentication process in an effort to deflect hackers and other similar issues. On Monday, March 24, 2014, the blogging platform formally announced that new security measures are firmly in place.

People use Tumblr as a go-to source for blogging about everything from their last doctor appointment to their upcoming date. In other words, it might sound like banal content, but a lot can be gleaned from these somewhat personal stories. Giving a hacker access to it is dangerous at best, but you’re going to have to take security into your own hands. This isn’t an automatic change, but something bloggers need to activate on the setting’s page. You now also have the ability to block some people from viewing your blogs, making your digital diary even more private.

Tumblr makes announcement via their own blog

Of course, any Tumblr announcements come in blog format, too. “You know how you need two keys to launch a nuclear missile? Two-factor authentication works like that. One key is your password, the other key is your cellular phone, and you need both to access your Tumblr Dashboard. Keep your Dashboard safe and secure, like you do with your nuclear missile.”

It’s no surprise that the blogging platform took a cheeky approach to the announcement, but the reality is that keeping hackers, stalkers and others who don’t have the best of intentions off your page is a smart move. You’re now 100 percent in control of who can see and follow your blog, which can also help reduce cyber bullying for teens. Tumblr will create a secret code for you, send it to a mobile device of your choosing, and you then have to enter that code before gaining access. You might not be blogging about a nuclear missile, but details about your upcoming vacation can be just as risky if burglars are prowling Tumblr for “away tips.”

Still play it smart

“The smile of a loved one, your childhood blanket, a handsome bodyguard to take you in his arms. Security can mean a lot of things in this crazy life, but nothing says ‘security’ like Tumblr’s two-factor authentication,” blogged Tumblr. That might be taking it a bit far, because if someone is determined enough, they may still gain access to your account. There have been some critics saying that there were challenges in getting the site to accept codes which means updates and tweaks might be in order. However, like a petulant child, Tumblr insists it’s flawless.

There’s no doubt that this two-step process is a huge improvement, but be wary and avoid posting anything with too much personal information anyway. Getting unauthorized access to any online blog is always possible. This latest security will make it more difficult, but some hackers can’t resist a challenge.