Top 5 Tips for Outsourcing from China

by Lalithaa

Looking for outsourcing from China? It may not be that easy to find one. Of course, you may come across a good supplier. But, amidst a host of illegitimate and bad Chinese suppliers who may ruin your experience. How would you make sure that you are working with a firm that is worth the attempt? The following guidelines may be helpful for you.

How To Verify Suppliers from China?

If you are going through a bad patch finding the best suppliers from China, you could be in for a shock. Verifying the genuine and reliable suppliers from has always been a huge concern. If you are importing products from China and looking for the right supplier, check out the following tips for a clear and learned choice.

Go For A Sample

No matter what kind of products you are opting for, never go for the lot purchase. Ask for a sample item. No matter, even if you need to pay for it.

You may also check with their official site for a better information. If you are supposed to make payment for the sample, ensure that you would be making it through online mode of payment so that you will stay safer.

Go for a Good Outsourcing Agent

There are a few good sourcing agents for Chinese suppliers. If you are looking at this option, it would be preferable to opt for a sourcing agent that provides you FBA services. In fact, sourcing agents would be helpful in handling almost all your needs in the opting for the best supplier from China.

Leeline Sourcing is one of the prominent players in this field. They take care of a host of factors including supplier verification, logistics, price negotiation and quality assurance. If you think you are ready for their services, you may click here.

Visit their Factory

A face to face talk is what would make it an excellent option for verifying a supplier. In fact, paying a visit to the manufacturing site would be a better option than meeting up at some conference hall.

Apart from the inspections and verifications through the emails and telephonic conversations, a visual inspection of the manufacturing standards can go a long way in ensuring a better idea about the supplier and their ability.

Check if They are Pro-active

The interest they have in indulging in business with you should be evident from the way that responds to the communications. A pro-active role can be the right way to the fruitful relationship.

Not that the readiness they show during the initial stages need not necessarily translate into a better performance throughout your deal. But, lack of a pro-active role in the discussion stage itself can be an indication of a problematic journey ahead.

Check them out through Search Directories

Google is your friend in most cases. That holds true in case of verifying your Chinese suppliers as well. Check your suppliers’ official website for their policies with respect to refunds, cancellations and damages.

Another excellent way would be to search for your potential supplier on search engines with the search queries like dishonest, scam or fraud. This would help you find if there are any scam issues recorded or reported against the supplier.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, the right option to go with would be to opt for Sourcing Agents. This will help you get a better deal as the sourcing agent will take care of all the aspects on your behalf. For any discrepancies, you can hold the sourcing agent responsible.

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