Top 10 Hidden Features in Apple’s Mountain Lion OS for Mac

Top 10 Hidden Features in Apple's Mountain Lion OS for Mac

The new Mountain Lion OS has so much to offer. With over 200 changes having been made you can guarantee that some of those are pretty cool. Find out what you can get from the top 10 to give you a starting point!

OS X Mountain Lion has recently been released and is constantly being compared to other OS’. Windows 8 is due out later this year and so Apple will no doubt be keen to share the best hidden features that come with Mountain Lion and the reasons why it is the better operating system. In this line of thinking, why are these secret features such a secret? Surely Apple wants users to know why their OS should be considered better by comparison. They are rumoured to have made over 200 ‘little’ changes so there must be a few in there that are pretty awesome…

The new notification centre will do what is says on the tin. It will let you know when you have notifications online and you can even use it to send your tweets! Twitter is integrated throughout the OS and share icons are aplenty so you can share pretty much anything with the click of a button.
Time Machine Backups are a fantastic feature and act as a simple backup service as seen in Lion. There are not a load of options to choose from, but it does bring the option of encryption and enabling them is simple through the preference options.

Your desktop, or dashboard, is presented in a grid form, similar to the iPad. This gives the option to organize your widgets into folders and have them all at easy reach. This means a nice and tidy desktop which you can’t get lost in – there is also the option of a ‘search’ box in case you get a bit app or feature happy! Get ADSL2 broadband for additional app or feature download options.

Everyone liked stickies (a notes app from the beginning…). This app in itself is missing from Mountain Lion, but there is an alternative available. The Notes app has taken over and can do the job just as well. Double click on any note will leave it open until you close it yourself, even when the main app itself is closed. You can even sync your notes using the iCloud so your notes can be found on all of your Apple devices.

Mountain Lion adopts a single sign on approach and uses your preferences to keep you signed in to many of your accounts without having to keep signing back in. You no longer have to keep inputting your log on information as the OS can store and use this information securely for your convenience. This is being developed and is said to be limited for a short time only and should include Facebook in the autumn.

Sometimes we all need a day off and the notification centre can offer the best of both worlds. Set your notifications to ‘do not disturb’ for that much needed day off and go about what you need to without the usual distractions; ideal if you work from your laptop as well.

No doubt everyone has come across this issue before – when you want to rename a document and have to fiddle about saving it, closing it, renaming it and then to open it again. Well, that is a thing of the past; on the new OS you can simply click on the file name and opt to rename it from a drop down menu. A time saver to say the least!

Sharing has never been easier and, with QuickLook, you can share your images with the click of a button. Share to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr or via email at your leisure.
The PDF document needn’t be a pain – if you need to insert a page, then you can, really easily. Simply edit and add a new page without the hassle.

Remotely accessing another computer with the use of screen sharing can be a pain. When you need that file on one and not the other it can be quite frustrating! Now you can drag and drop the files as you please between the two screens! Note: in order to use this function, both computers need to be running Mountain Lion.

This is the top 10 but with over 20 changes there is a lot more that you could potentially benefit from. Have fun…