Tips On Instagram Photography For Beginners

by Lalithaa

Everyone wants to look their best on Instagram, but how exactly do you go about finding the right camera and lenses for your style? This article goes into detail about how to choose the perfect equipment.

Backdrops: Why Do They Matter?

One of the most important aspects of any Instagram photo is the paper backdrop. Backdrops can make or break a good photo, and depending on what you want to achieve with your Instagram account, you’ll need to take into account what a good backdrop looks like.

Some people prefer simple backgrounds that just disappear in the background of their photos. This style is perfect for people who want to showcase their work or personal lives without getting too much attention drawn to them.

Some people prefer more elaborate backdrops that add a bit of color and interest to their photos. This type of backdrop can be used to create shots that are more styled and aesthetic. It can also help to create a more polished look for your account.

Ultimately, it’s important to think about what type of photo you want to create and what kind of backdrop will best suit that goal. With a little creativity, you’ll be able to find the perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos in no time at all!

Equipment: What You Need to Consider

If you’re looking to start taking good Instagram photos, there are a few things you’ll need to get started. Here are the basics:

  • A camera: Any camera will do, but a good starter option is a smartphone or point-and-shoot camera. You don’t need top of the line equipment to take great Instagram photos, and the best cheap camera for photography beginners will still produce decent results.
  • A good lens: Quality lenses are essential for taking good Instagram photos. Make sure to get a lens that’s wide angle and has a focal length of at least 35 mm. This will give you the ability to capture more of your surroundings in your photos.
  • Good lighting: When taking Instagram photos, make sure to use good lighting. This can be achieved by using a soft box light or setting your camera up in a well-lit area.
  • A steady hand: One of the biggest challenges with taking good Instagram photos is keeping your hands still while you take the photo. If you’re moving around too much, your photo will be blurry and difficult to read.

Editing Tools: Which Ones Are Best?

If you’re new to Instagram, you might be wondering which editing tools are best for your photos. There are a few different picture editor options available to you, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

One popular option is using the Instagram app’s built-in editing tools. These tools offer a variety of features, including filters, borders, and text adjustments. However, they can be a bit basic and may not have the features you’re looking for.

Another option is using an external editor such as Snapseed or Adobe Photoshop. These editors offer more features and flexibility than the Instagram app’s built-in tools, but they can also be more difficult to use. If you’re not familiar with editing software, it might be best to stick with an app that comes pre-installed on your phone.

Ultimately, it’s up to you which editing tools are best for your photos. Just keep in mind that there are a variety of options available and that each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Post Processing: How Should You Process Your Photos?

If you’re just starting out on Instagram, one of the best ways to improve your photos is to post them through post-processing. When you post your photos on Instagram, you have the opportunity to adjust a few basic settings before they go live. Here are some tips on how to post-process your photos effectively:

  1. Use Filters: One of the most important things you can do when posting your photos is to use filters. There are a variety of different filters available on Instagram, and you can use them to add a unique twist to your photos. For example, you can use a filter to make your photo look vintage or sepia.
  1. Adjust Lighting: Another important thing to remember when posting your photos is to adjust the lighting in your photo. You can do this by adjusting the exposure or brightness levels.
  1. Use Textures: One other great way to add a bit of personality to your photos is by using textures. You can either add texture with Photoshop or use filters that create textures.

If you’re new to Instagram photography, here are some tips on how to get started:

  1. Use simple lighting setups. Avoid using too many lights or setting your camera up in a darkroom-like environment. Instead, use natural light or portable flashlights to achieve the perfect tone for your photo.
  1. Take pictures from different angles. Experiment with shooting from high, low, left and right angles to capture a more complete and balanced picture of your subject.
  1. Use props and settings that complement your subject. For example, if you’re photographing food items, add attractive plates or utensils to create an appealing photo that will help promote sales on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.
  1. Keep things clean and professional-looking! Make sure all the elements in your photo — from backgrounds to filters — look polished so that viewers can easily understand what they are looking at without having to take time out of their day to read through lengthy descriptions.


By using these simple tips, you’ll be able to improve the quality and presentation of your photos on Instagram quickly and easily!

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