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Three Unconventional Visual Traffic Sources that Promise Success

One of the most popular queries on Google is „how to increase site traffic”. If you were to read one of the results listed you would probably find out that social media can help you increase organic traffic, that good content is essential, that commenting will increase the reader engagement and that SEO practices will push your blog higher on SERPs. While I do not disagree with these statements, for they are truths as old as time, they are not the only ways of gaining more exposure for your blog.


Think about it this way, because the methods listed above are the most popular ones, everybody is doing it, and this means that you have to make your way through even more competition. The internet is all about innovation and originality, and some of the best bloggers have come up with fascinating ways of promoting their sites. You don’t have to become a computer geek, and learn everything about search engine optimization in order to gain more traffic. I will show you three great traffic sources that you have never thought about.



Search engines like SearchCube or SearchMe are usually ignore by web-masters for the simple fact that they consider that written content is the only one which needs to be promoted. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. As a matter of fact, Google Images can also become a great source of traffic. The problem nowadays is that most bloggers add pictures or videos to their posts, but they fail to add meaningful alt text tags to them. In other words, they forget to dedicate a minute to optimizing the image for SEO. Some of the best digital agencies urge their clients to consider every possible detail when it comes to generating traffic. An alt text tag is a tag which can be designated to the name of an image, and if it is relevant to the written content, it will help Google index it faster.


  1. FLICKR (2)

Contrary to popular belief, Flickr isn’t dedicated only to photography artists, models or movie stars. The first time I used Flickr I was under the impression that my image could never stand out amongst the millions and millions of amazing photographs, but I was wrong. Flickr is a great place for people who want to share, comment and like other people’s photos. You can use your SEO techniques on this platform in order to drive even more targeted traffic. You can even comment on images which are related to your niche, and link your website in the comment



One of the best traffic sources for expert bloggers is Slideshare. At present, the site already has millions of users, who are interested in high-quality and accurate information on different subjects. In other words, unlike the previous two examples, you will have to make an effort to provide the readership with excellent slide presentations. These presentations can come in PPT or PDF format, accompanied by images, diagrams or pie charts, anything that you consider may benefit the visitors. The better the content, the more chances of gaining more exposure. If you get the formatting and the content right, your slide will probably get likes and shares, and this will be beneficial to your blog.


Although these are great traffic sources which will definitely bring you more visitors, you should understand that changes will not be seen over night. As long as you are consistent you can be sure that things will turn out for the best.


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