The Ultimate Guide To CCBA Certification Training 

by Lalithaa

It (Business Analysis) is all about identification, elicitation, analysis, communication, and implementation of your requirements in a clear, concise, and organized way so that you can transform your abstract business ideas into high-quality concrete solutions that meet customer expectations and increase profitability.”

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Amazing Fact


  • Business Analysis career growth has been excellent, as stated on the homepage of IIBA. 
  • As per BA Times, the number of jobs for all business analysts will increase in 2020 which is anticipated to reach from 364,000 to 2,720,000 job openings.

That’s huge! Isn’t it?

Interesting Bite:

It is the digital transformation that drives the demand for business analysis and hence Business Analysts. 

Business Analysts work across different industries such as Information Technology, Finance/Insurance, Government and Public Agencies, Business and Professional Consultancies, Healthcare, and Social Services. The interesting thing about Business Analysts is that they are required across the globe.


Among the population of Business Analysts:

  • 87% work full time.
  • 52% are women and 48% are men.
  • 64% have experience of 10 years or less. 
  • Career prospects for business analysts are growing by leaps and bounds.


If you have experience of 2-3 years in Business Analysis, you can earn your CCBA or Certification of Capability in Business Analysis. This can give a great boost to your career. To gain this certification, you can go with a CCBA Guide to help you through the learning process. 

Introduction to CCBA Certification Training | What is CCBA

Who is a Business Analyst?

As defined by a non-profit professional association, the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), a business analyst is considered to be an “agent of change”, who is accountable for introducing and managing change to an organization, irrespective of its type which may include profits, non-profits, and government organizations as well. 


So, as a Business Analyst (BA), you are responsible for bridging the gap between IT and the business utilizing business analytics processes to perform the assessment of business processes, defining the requirements, and deliver the suggestions/recommendations that are data-driven, and prepare the reports to provide it to executives and stakeholders. 


After the conclusion of the recommendations, it’s time to introduce the data-driven changes to processes, products, services, hardware, and software which can enhance efficiencies thereby adding value to them.  You are required to express and articulate those ideas along with aligning them with what is feasible technically, financially, and functionally reasonable. The primary task, depending upon the role, is to work with datasets so as to enhance services, products, software, hardware, tools, or processes. 


To achieve excellence in Business Analysis, you can go with some certifications that can enhance your skills as well as your career in this domain. One such certification you can pursue is CCBA or Certification of Competency in Business Analysis. Let us discuss this certification in brief.

IIBA Certification of Competency in Business Analysis or CCBA

CCBA is Level 2 of IIBA Certification. It requires you to have a minimum of 3,750 hours of work in Business Analytics which is aligned with IIBA’s BABOK or Business Analysis Book of Knowledge guide in the past 7 years. Within these 3750 hours, you are required to complete a minimum of 900 hours in each of two of the six guide knowledge areas; Or you can opt for completing 500 hours in 4 of the 6 BABOK guide knowledge areas. 


You have to agree to the terms and conditions and also to the code of conduct. 

Steps to prepare for the CCBA exam

  • Visit the IIBA website

The most crucial step is to visit the IIBA website as it contains all the essential information regarding the exam and the prerequisites. It gives you an idea about how and what to study, how to apply, and the steps required to take the exam.


Next, obtain the BABOK which is a comprehensive guide generally practiced by Business Analysts. Besides helping you in preparing for the exam, the guide also helps in making job references for you.

  • Know the Exam Structure

Before taking the exam, you should know the exam structure very well so that you can plan your study accordingly. The exam structure for CCBA is mentioned below.


  • Requirements Analysis: 18% KA; 23 questions
  • Requirements Management and Communications: 15.33% KA; 24 questions
  • Enterprise Analysis: 14% KA; 24 questions
  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring: 18% KA; 26 questions
  • Underlying Competencies: 4% KA; 6 questions
  • Solutions Assessment and Validation: 15.33%; 25 questions
  • Elicitation: 12% KA; 17 questions.
  • Utilize Online Flashcards

There is a flashcard exchange website that welcomes you with a list of 1000 questions related to BABOK. On exploring the site, you will find more pages that can help you in memorizing different sections of the BABOK.

  • Go through the BABOK thoroughly

Go with different steps to absorb the BABOK thoroughly. To accomplish this task you can take the classes, involve yourself in the study groups, or you can do self-study. 


A CCBA Exam Prep Class can guide you through the preparation for the exam thoroughly. Being in a class and studying with a group can motivate you for studying well and let you explore new things regarding the material.

Study Groups are always considered to be effective as you can learn and teach with the same students, and also discuss the learning patterns.

An individual Study is an option when you don’t like being in a group. You can chalk your own study plan according to the topics in your BABOK.

  • CCBA Practice Exams

The best way to prepare yourself completely is to take practice exams. When you take up the practice exams, you come across what you are up to. You can observe what topics you are an expert in and what topics you need to focus on. 

By analyzing the topics you understand well about your knowledge level. 

  • Take up an online training course

Taking up an online training course can be a great help. It takes care of your preparation from start to end. Starting with observing your knowledge level, they train you accordingly. They provide you with hundreds of practice exams so that there is no ambiguity in your preparation. Industry experts are there to help you with your doubts and ensure that you are not missing out on anything.



So, after going through the steps for preparation, you can conclude that taking up an online training course is the feasible step you can take. Get yourself registered now so that you can have multiple benefits. You can learn at your own pace and have flexible learning hours. You can choose from the different modes of learning which include blended learning, online training, and instructor-led approach. Moreover, industry experts are there to clear your doubts. The training providers ensure that you are prepared completely by taking mock tests and analyzing your results.


Hurry up! Enroll yourself in the best online training program for clearing the CCBA exam. 

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