The Org: What Is It and How To Use It

by Lalithaa

The Org is a website that allows companies to create profiles that contain key information about their company, such as an about section, website, headquarters, employees, job offerings, and more. So many companies are actually using The Org to grow their teams, by hiring talent through their org profile.


Yes. By properly managing your Org profile as well as including all information relevant to how your company operates, it is very possible that people will reach out to you looking for work! 


One of the biggest elements of The Org is their org charts. Org charts, also known as organizational charts, are diagrams that show every member of an organization, what they do, and who their boss is. You can think of it as a family tree or sorts, but for companies!


When an individual looks at your org chart, it will become very clear to them what types of roles the company needs filled, and if they would be a good fit or not. There are countless fantastic examples of Org profiles out there, just like this one here, and in this article we’re going to go over exactly what Org is and how to use it. That way, you can be better prepared to craft your very own org profile.


We’re going to start off by going over what the company The Org is, and then we’re going to go over how to get started at The Org. So without further ado, let’s dive into what The Org is and how to use it.


Just what is The Org?


Founded in November of 2017 by Christian Wylonis and Andreas Jarbol, The Org set out to be one of the first business oriented social media with an emphasis on transparency. Their company would take off in 2020 after multiple rounds of funding would net them enough cash to truly develop their project into something that took off.


Today, The Org is used by over 250,000 companies including the top of the top such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Meta, and more. 


Each organization that has chosen to put themselves on The Org has a profile that you can view and navigate through to learn more about the individuals who make up that organization. By doing so, it will give you a better idea on how the company functions, what positions are available, and even people to contact.


How to use The Org


In order to use all of the features The Org has to offer, you’ll want to sign up for an account. Fortunately, you can sign up using one of your pre-existing Google accounts, which makes the process a lot easier. If you don’t want to use a Google account, they have an option that you can use to sign up for an account manually.


After you complete that step, you will be asked to input your organization’s email. This will either add you to the organization if it already exists on The Org, or create an org profile for you. You can skip this step though.


Following your organization email, you will be directed to your main feed page. This will normally be filled with posts and updates from the various organizations you follow. As we don’t follow any organizations yet, you can click the button labeled “Discover organizations to follow”. 


You will then be directed to a page with some organizations you can immediately follow, or you can go to the proper organization’s search page at to filter what type of organizations you are looking for. 


For example, if you only want to follow organizations in your country – then you can select your country in the filter. Additionally, you can select the industry the organization is in, the company size, or search for names directly.


So now you know a lot more about The Org, and how to use their features. It can be a very useful tool in finding new professional contacts and potential jobs to apply for. 


If you have an organization of your own and want to make an Org profile, check out this guide here.

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