The Best Websites for Sudoku Lovers

by Lalithaa

Sudoku is one of those irresistible puzzle games that you can’t stop yourself from playing. It’s fun. It is also an addictive game that you can find yourself playing repeatedly. In the past, people used to play Sudoku in newspapers and magazines.

But this is no longer the case. Thanks to the technological improvements in the gaming industry, you can comfortably solve sudoku puzzles online. Plenty of websites allow Sudoku lovers to play Sudoku for free or for money.

So, if you are a sudoku lover looking for the best websites to play Sudoku online, keep reading this article as we discuss the best websites for sudoku lovers. They include:

  • is an excellent website for Sudoku enthusiasts, as it is accessible online and as an Android and iOS app. The website offers opportunities to participate in events and earn prizes, regulations, and helpful hints for the game. Simply select a date from the calendar to participate in one of the various daily challenges. You can attempt the Killer Sudoku for a more difficult challenge. Killer Sudoku is a difficult variant of standard Sudoku that requires many more computations.

  • Sudoku Online

Prepare yourself for a challenge on the Sudoku Online website. The levels available range from easy, medium, and difficult to evil. Fewer numbers are supplied at the start of the game as the level’s difficulty increases.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner; the website provides a helpful suggestion button and several puzzle-solving tactics and Sudoku tips and tricks. When playing the game, pay close attention to any numbers that are highlighted in red and yellow. Yellow indicates that the number is correct. However, red indicates that the number is wrong.

  • FunBrain Sudoku

Playing FunBrain Sudoku is a lot of fun. But the levels are rather more varied than on other websites. The difficulties range from quite simple, which is suitable for beginners, to Sudoku Whiz, which is perfect for experts.

The number stickers at the top of the Sudoku board can be used to keep track of potential movements. If you are stuck, don’t worry; simply click the hint button, and the adorable brain figure will offer a suggestion. Click the checkmark button to review your game’s progress thus far.

  • Web Sudoku

This popular platform for playing Sudoku allows you to print the puzzle if you prefer to use paper and pen. The possible Sudoku difficulties are easy, medium, difficult, and evil. It includes numerous easy puzzles, medium puzzles, difficult puzzles, and extremely difficult puzzles. When playing the game, you can monitor your progress. Red will be used to emphasize any faults you make in the puzzle. The various gaming options include when you want to check the puzzle timer and how you want the website to evaluate your blunders. You can also monitor your solution times. The available customization choices include the backdrop color and the visibility of the pencil marks.

  • Sudoku Kingdom

While most Sudoku websites have a plain white background, Sudoku Kingdom offers a small variation. You will be shocked by how colorful and aesthetically pleasing the website is. In addition, if you wish to play offline with a group of people, you can print and solve the puzzles offline. Sudoku Kingdom provides four difficulty levels depending on your skill level. The website publishes a new Sudoku challenge every day for daily visitors. Register on the website and attempt these puzzles to increase your ranking.

In addition, if you score above 100 points each month and maintain a top-five position, you will receive free e-books, including Sudoku puzzles. The Sudoku Kingdom is unquestionably one of the best websites for playing Sudoku online.

  • Live Sudoku

Live Sudoku is the premier online platform for playing Sudoku. This website caters to professional players who wish to continue improving their game. Are you sick of playing Sudoku against the website’s artificial intelligence? Why not utilize Live Sudoku to play the game online in competitive one-on-one sessions against other players? Simply create a free account and log in to begin playing. The website will pair you with players from around the globe!

If you want to take things to the next level, you may also track your data as a competitor in the game. These statistics detail your best and worst performances. Also, the game offers daily challenges that you can perform to win points and advance in the rankings. In general, Sudoku can be quite competitive, and this website is a wonderful illustration of it.

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