The best apps on a smart TV

by Lalithaa

A smart TV is essentially an extra-large smartphone, and who doesn’t love their smartphone? Before smartphones, we only had access to what we would now call, old normal phones, which pretty much could only be used to the extent of calling and messaging people, taking photographs and videos, and playing the odd bit of music here and there. Looking back, they were nothing special. So, what did significantly increase the value and perception of a phone? The ability to access the internet and use a variety of apps would be the answer. The option to play games and access social media platforms, that would only be available through a computer device now became available through a phone which drove the sales of smartphones to the extreme. Now that these apps have become available through the TV, it is no surprise why many have transferred from a regular TV to a smart TV. Although there is still a great amount of content available on live aerial TV, tv aerial installationfor TV aerial installations, with a large variety of apps to choose from on a smart TV, we are here to suggest the best apps on a smart TV for you to download.   



Let’s begin with the world leader, Netflix. The movie streaming platform and production company continue to be the first-choice app for many due to its incredible reputation, large amount of content, and the fact that it is extremely easily accessible and simple to navigate around. Netflix has over 15,000 titles including the likes of movies, documentaries, TV shows, and many more. They have also produced over 1,500 Netflix original titles which consist of content that can only be found through their app, making it unique and attractive to more viewers. This app is suitable for all backgrounds, age groups, and genders, even including young children as there is a large number of kids content, meaning that users will always find something they will enjoy. Netflix also begins to register and take your previous viewing history into account so that it can recommend titles that you will be guaranteed to love. 



One of the best apps on a smart TV has got to be Spotify, especially for music lovers who channel music into their everyday lives. Spotify provides users with access to not only music but also videos and podcasts, and with an estimated 70 million tracks and over 3 million podcasts you are bound to be spoiled for choice at the options on this app. Spotify also does not need to come at a charge. If you are an irregular music listener, you do not need to sign up for a monthly subscription, and although your options will be more limited you can still listen to your favourite artists and songs. If there is an option for freebies you’re bound to be in on this app, so download today! 


Disney Plus 

If you are a certified Disney lover and have a weakness for the classic animated films that we all know and love then this app is definitely for you. Upon downloading this app, the nostalgia is bound to come back as older users can access films and shows that they once loved as a child. Offering Pixar, Marvel, Disney movies, and more, this streaming platform is perfect for any age group specifically young children and most of the content on the app cannot be found elsewhere making it extremely unique. For a small monthly subscription of £7.99, you can access the magic of Disney straight from your home. 



YouTube proves to be one of the best apps on a smart TV due to it being free of charge. The app allows users to access all kinds of content from different creators all over the world, from vlogs, to clothing hauls, to home videos, to make-up tutorials, the options are evidentially endless. Some app users prefer to use YouTube over any other app due to the shortness of videos. Rather than spending hours watching a movie or days and weeks watching a TV series, some individuals prefer to receive their entertainment fix through shorter content and YouTube is definitely the place for that! Alongside this, if you decide to make an account, the app will provide you with suggestions to watch next which makes navigating your way through this platform a whole lot easier. 


Amazon Prime Video 

Finally, for hardcore Amazon lovers, this app is bound to be one of the best apps on a smart TV for you. Much like Netflix and other streaming services, Amazon Prime Video provides users with access to over 26,000 titles in movies and TV shows with the option to buy more that do not come included in your subscription. Being the biggest competitor to Netflix, there are several similarities within both apps, so, we will let you download both and decide what one is best.  


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