Stock Market 101: What Is It and How to Learn More About It

by Lalithaa


Stock market trading is a concept that has been around for a while, dating back to the 1600s when people started to understand and develop theory around it. These concepts evolved in the East India Company and have progressed to an extent, which is now the basis of most concepts being taught in stock market courses for beginners today. 

This article will focus on a few postulations important in the stock market world in terms of investing and trading, which might intrigue some individuals to dive deep into the world of trading and enhance their knowledge about it. So, the principal purpose of this article is to help individuals who are keen on these concepts to understand them and find ground to start investing or take up career paths headed in this direction.

What Are Shares & Stocks and What Is the Deal With Investing in Them?

Before entering the ocean of stocks and shares, it is critical to understand what these terms mean specifically. These terms may be used multiple times in everyday life during interactions with people at work or a social gathering. But, most people might wonder what the difference between shares and stocks is? Motley Fool stock advisor review can assist you in getting started in your investing journey.

Their fundamentals are both very similar in concept, but the difference arises when it comes to the context in which these terms are being used. Geographically, there is a difference in these terms as in the UK, “share” is the standard term, whereas “stock” is the preferred term in the US.

In any business, especially regarding the big players in the market, they have their shares or stocks divided equally. For example, if a business is evaluated to be worth $120 million, $60 million will be part of the shares and stocks, equating to $2 per stock. 

Why Are Shares Becoming More Popular Today?

  • Every individual who has some knowledge in the shares and trading world would have invested in a share of their choice. Businesses too are very much a part of this as they invest a large chunk of their profits into shares. Besides, people who are interested often take up online stock market courses for beginners to make better investment choices.
  • Companies invest in shares to further raise more capital for an upcoming project, or they may require the growth of funds for any development in their venture. On the other hand, ordinary people invest in shares using a small cut of the money they saved, as shares go up and down in value depending on the market. This way, when the shares are high, individuals can sell the share and make a good profit from it, which adds more to their savings.
  • Certain shares pay dividends, meaning when a few big companies that have a lot of shareholders acquire good profit, a part of these profits are returned to the shareholders, and sometimes in huge amounts. It is a great way to earn more savings on the side, which could come in handy someday during a time of absolute necessity.
  • It is not always about the financial gain for some people, as they invest in the company shares of their choice only because they believe in the company and want to show their support and own a part of it. It gives them a sense of personal satisfaction to be an investor in the company’s share, allowing them to feel like they have a voice in how it runs, even if it is a small part.

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