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by Lalithaa

It is an open secret that Apple is working on a mixed-reality device. There is a huge investment into it, and if sources are to be believed, there was a huge gathering at Apple’s headquarters in mid of March. This group was referred to as the Top 100, and the gathering was scheduled to unveil the mixed reality headset to the top executives. The public debut for this mixed-reality headset is scheduled for June 2023.

Source Facebook Packagd Youtubewagnerbloomberg

what is Source Facebook Packagd Youtubewagnerbloomberg ?

This is certainly a great opportunity for Apple as it can add another physical product to its portfolio. Apple has already been very successful with Apple Watch, iPhone, Air Pods, iPad, and Macbooks. As per a Bloomberg article from Mark Gurman, the device was showcased in 2018 when it was under development. The earlier demonstrations were low-key since the product was still under development. However, this demonstration was a big showcase since the product was almost ready.

The mixed reality headset combines virtual reality and augmented reality. It is in a nascent stage, and hence Apple has a risk while entering the new product domain. The primary pitch for Apple would be to first explain to the consumers why they would need a mixed-reality headset. Apple would have to create a need for the users.

Because of the high configuration, the mixed-reality headset is expected to cost over $3000. The initial version of the mixed reality headset may have few applications and may even need an external battery. This is the first generation design for the mixed reality headset from Apple. All these could be pivotal factors for the success of the headset. So Source Facebook Packagd Youtubewagnerbloomberg means Apple May Follow Smartwatch-Like Trajectory for New Mixed Reality Headset .

Some executives believe that this product will be more like Apple Watch. Apple Watch had a slow start, and it gained traction slowly. Today, Apple Watch is the most popular wearable device. The watch also features thousands of apps that can improve its capabilities. All this, coupled with the configuration and health tracking features, has made Apple Watch popular. Similarly, over the years, mixed reality headsets may work out just like Apple Watch did.

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