Secret to a happy married life in this age of impatience

Secret to a happy married life in this age of impatience

Having a happily married life has really become a secret sobha elan in the age when everybody is running a rat’s race and hence does not have time to wait, look back for your partner in order to see how compatible you are with him or her. When the world is so impatient about everything there are some tricks which play as a trum card in the lives of the present generation married couples.

Give each other time: The lifestyle of every single individual has become hectic in whichever profession they may be. Same applies for you, but this excuse was all well to do as long as you were single. Once you have engaged in a relationship and ended up in a marital life, you desperately need to sort out time from your every day schedule in order to go give some time to your partner. Preferably this can be done after the daily chores are over. Sit back, talk about how you spent the day and other issues which have cropped up in your family life. This reduces the insecurity from both the sides and no one get to complain.

Give each other space: The male and female of the present generation seek for their private space. This is also very much prominent after the marriage. All you need to do is give each other ample space. Go out alone or with other friends whenever you want. But this must be done through mutual consent and discussion. You must make it clear to your partner that you need to give yourselves space so that the relationship does not appear to be a burden to both. Especially at housing facilities always give space to eatch other.

Try to have your dinner together: It is the time after the day’s work when you can sit together and have all your discussion. Eating together is itself a symbol and gives an essence of togetherness. Spending some time together does not mean you need to fight over some thing, you can share your thoughts or speak about the incidents that are remarkable to faced down the day. This gives your partner a feeling of importance and he or she feels that you have the interest to share your heart out with him or her.

Be a friend: If you are trying to separate out friendship and your married life, it is a big mistake that you are going to commit. Ensure that you establish a friendship in the gradual process of your relationship and discuss all the matters with your partner. This gives you a chance to gain each other’s confidence and trust. Sharing everything might cause some problems but it will also give a chance of understanding and avoid misunderstanding!

Go for romantic dinners: It might not be possible for you to follow this frequently. But on special occasions such as birthday or your anniversary, try and make each other feel special. You can arrange for surprises as well. Making your partner feel special, shows them how important they are in your life. This gives them the scope that despite all the hectic schedules of your life you make an attempt to remember the days which are special for both of you. A surprise can make your partner forget all the fights you had before with him or her. A candle light dinner on the rooftop cafe will settle all the disputes between each other.

A good coordinated relation with a sweet mutual co-operation is what will make your married life the most precious and cherished part of your life in all respects!