Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 Price Specifications and Review

Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 Price Specifications and Review

Galaxy Note sits in between a smartphone and a tablet, but the Galaxy Note 10.1 is purely a tablet. Samsung announced 10.1 Note this year, but the company has gone back to the drawing board and made a few changes. Hold your breath as Samsung galaxy note 10.1 is arriving this August
The entire gadget geek community will go gaga as Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will be hitting the market in the mid august or august end. After the announcement of this tablet at MWC in 2012, waiting for whole long was really killing for all the gadget fanatics.

There were two leaks regarding this tablet which made people jump to feet-
1. Update specifications
2. A release date soon

From an anonymous source, it came into light that some specs were altered from the time of its announcements. Some of the notable upgrades are as follows:
• At the time of announcement it was mentioned that the tablet comprised of dual-core processor which is now upgraded with a 1.4GHz quad-core processor.
• The 3 mega pixel camera which was announced in February also witnessed an up gradation of 5 mega pixel camera along with auto focus and LED flash.

These two were the major upgrades which were leaked. We may come across some more revelation after the tablet hits the market. As per Negri Electronics, it was found that the tablet is expected to ship on August 4.Lets see some full Specifications disclosed till now.

Style and design:
Samsung galaxy note 10.1 resembles galaxy tab 10.1. The only difference which makes the two different is the added Samsung S-Pen stylus. This slick looking tablet is really cool but there is no news regarding the color it will flaunt.

Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 Specifications

As per the official specifications, this tablet weighs 1.31 pounds which means it is 0.03 pound heavier than the Tab 2 10.1. The plastic back is as same as that of Tab 2 but as it is already mentioned above, the colors are yet to be disclosed.
In landscape orientation, the top edge of the tablet illustrates-
A power/sleep button, a volume rocker, a 64 GB capacity microSD slot, an IR blaster and a headphone jack (from left to right).
You will be able to enjoy both Wi-Fi and 3G configurations in this tablet. A more advanced version is to come in the later part of this year. Along the left and right bezel you will see 2-inch-long speakers along with a dock connector and microphone pinhole at the bottom edge. The thing which this tablet misses out is the HDMI option of connecting the tablet to a TV or monitor.

Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 Price

As per experts, the tablet is good looking and has tones of contents. But the main thing which every gadget geek wants to know is regarding the price tag of this tablet. The creators have not leaked any information on the pricing of this tablet and they are not even mentioning the exact date of the tablet hitting the stores.
As per tech gurus, Samsung is expected to price the tablet somewhere around £250 to £300 which is around US dollar 390 to 470.
These were some of the news which is rolling on the new galaxy note 10.1. If you want to see the interface of the tablet with multi-screen function and the use of stylus then see the below video

Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 Video Review

This tablet also features SMTP which allows you to send instant e-mails. Actually, users make the use of a program that uses SMTP for sending emails and POP3 or IMAP for receiving the mails. There are mail servers which are capable of supporting ESMPT too. This allows files in multimedia formats to be delivered as e-mails.

Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 Review

So, just wait for few more days as Samsung galaxy note 10.1 will break the ice very soon.