Samsung Bluetoothenabled Smarttag Galaxyclovermacrumors

by Lalithaa

Samsung SmartTags Tested

There have been several rumors about the launch of Apple AirTags in the market. Apple AirTag will provide a smart way to track items like keys, bikes, bags, wallets, and other things. Beating Apple in the race, Samsung has launched its Bluetooth-enabled tracker. The device is called SmartTag, and Samsung launched the device before Apple was able to reveal AirTags. This gives a first movers advantage to Samsung, and we did try the SmartTags to publish a review for you.

What is samsung bluetoothenabled smarttag galaxyclovermacrumors ?

It must be noted that there are many Bluetooth-enabled tracking devices available in the market, and Tile remains to be one of the most popular options. However, many people are looking for a more recognized brand. This is where Samsung SmartTag comes into the picture. The device offers very similar features to the user. If you look at the design of SmartTag, you will notice that the device is also very similar to the Tile. The square shape resembles closely with the Tile. There is also a hole in a corner which you can use for attaching a key ring or other such items.
Samsung Bluetoothenabled Smarttag Galaxyclovermacrumors

Appleā€™s AirTag is likely to be very similar to SmartTag but with a different design language. As per some of the sources, the AirTag will come with a metallic design and will be much more compact than SmartTag. The sources also revealed that the AirTags would have a round design. You should note that SmartTags are designed to work with Galaxy devices only. The setup is simple, and SmartTag will appear in the SmartThings app once connected. So samsung bluetoothenabled smarttag galaxyclovermacrumors means Hands-On With Samsung’s $30 Bluetooth-Enabled SmartTags

The SmartTag shows on the map, and you can track the device’s physical location. There is also a chime in the SmartTag which can be played using a mobile phone. This helps you locate the device when you cannot find it. Tile also uses a crowd-tracking network, and it is expected that Apple AirTag will offer similar features. SmartTag needs Bluetooth for connection, but it is expected that Apple will use Ultra Wideband technology to track the device.

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