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Python 2 Removed in macOS 12.3

In all macOS, Apple has been providing Python 2.7 as a bundle. However, as per the developer release notes, it was revealed that Apple is now planning to remove Python 2.7 starting from macOS 12.3. The upcoming software update will remove Python 2 and will not be supported beginning from January 1, 2020. Since Python 2 will not be supported, Apple will stop providing security patches, bug fixes, and other changes for the underlying software. The move is taken considering Python 2 is obsolete and out of support in most cases. The user base is also very minimal.

What is python macos python januaryrossignolmacrumors ?

Since Apple will be stopping the support for Python 2, the users must upgrade to Python 3 or use an alternative scripting language. You should also note that Python 3 will not come as pre-installed software on macOS, and you would need to install it separately. Developers also have the option to run stub/usr/bin/python3 in Terminal, but the users will get a prompt to install Xcode developer tools which would include Python 3.

python macos python januaryrossignolmacrumors

It must be noted that Apple already informed of the upcoming end of support way back in April 2019. The announcement was made during Catalina’s developer release notes. During the release notes, Apple mentioned that Python 2.7 was included for compatibility with legacy software. However, with the new update, Python 2.7 has been stopped, and a newer version of Python will be available. Apple also recommended that if any user software depends on Python 2.7, the user needs to bundle the runtime within the application. So python macos python januaryrossignolmacrumors means Apple removed Python 2 in macOS 12.3

As per the information available, the latest version of Python is 3.10.10, and the users must start using the newest version of Python. This comes with bug fixes and security patches, which also ensure a better experience for the users.

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