Pros and cons of Home Healthcare

If you have had a loved one who needed round the clock care after an injury or surgery, you may have considered hiring someone with a home care license to care for your loved one in the home. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of home based healthcare.

Pros and cons of Home Healthcare


Receiving home based healthcare can help a patient recover in a much more comfortable setting when compared to a skilled nursing facility. The patient receives one-on-one care instead of being one of many patients assigned to the same nurse, and having to wait for a turn to have basic needs met. The atmosphere of a skilled nursing facility can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety which does not help the healing process. Home healthcare makes it possible for the patient’s family to be involved in helping to care for the individual and visit as often and whenever they would like.


A large number of patients who receive in-home healthcare are senior citizens who struggle to maintain a sense of independence. Home healthcare allows seniors to keep their independence by not having to stay in an unfamiliar place where they have to rely on a nurse for everything. They are able to do as much as they can for themselves, knowing that someone is there to help them if they need it, from the comfort of their own homes.


The major disadvantage of home healthcare is that the cost adds up quickly when the care is sustained over a long period of time. Elderly patients who start receiving home healthcare after an injury or surgery may end up needing prolonged assistance due to a slow recovery or deterioration of health over time. These patients will pay more money than someone who stays in the hospital for a period of time to recover, then returns home.

Although it can be expensive, home healthcare is a great alternative healthcare arrangement for patients who need constant care.