Pastor Chris and the Christ Embassy Supports Humanitarian Aid and Impacts the Lives of People in Need

On June 14 the annual worldwide blood donation day will take place. The aim of this event is to motivate and educate individuals throughout the globe about the importance of donating blood so that they will be encouraged to take part in worldwide blood drives.

Christ Embassy’s Pastor Chris Oyakhilome went on a mission and organized an immense blood drive for those in the Trauma Care International Foundation near Lagos, Nigeria.

Evidently, Pastor Chris has a strong heart for needy people who have special needs and can reach out to assist them through the philanthropic work he provides for communities in Africa. Sometimes people may need just a little help and it will go a long way, which is why the Pastor is willing to do what he can to assist those in need.

The outcomes of these blood drives are proven significant for health improvements of individuals in need. Every bit can help when it comes to providing blood to people in dire need, where donating blood is vital to save their lives, in life-threatening situations.

It is the Trauma Care International Foundation’s goal to help those in need by aiding in the healing process. Moreover, they hope to raise the chances of the population, they serve to live longer lives. Many individuals may not understand how important it is to donate blood. It could be a matter of life or death for those in desperate need of a blood transfusion, which is why it is important to transfer this information on to others.

During times of crisis, the foundation assists the community by distributing emergency response services and providing the utmost care. More importantly, these services provided by the foundation are subsidized and offered free of charge to those with low income who are unable to pay. This assistance helps to relieve people from the amount of stress they already have as they are in need of urgent care.

The individuals suffering from moderate to severe injuries that may be the result of a sickness, accident or another ongoing health issue. Some of these issues may be life-threatening and may be in need of immediate emergency care, which the foundation has been kind enough to assist the community with. Therefore, those who are of low income who cannot afford to get the care they may need, stand a chance.

People deserve proper trauma care and should be informed about first aid according to the foundation that has high-quality health education and organizes programs for the community based on awareness to inform individuals of important information.

Another thing is, thousands of emergency and safety-training sessions that include law enforcement, students, teachers, caregivers, and other public service officials were executed to enhance the sessions.

Furthermore, Specific simulations and lectures were what these training sessions were comprised of, designed to stress further, how important emergency care is since some individuals may not understand and by giving this knowledge to some people they can pass it on to others as well.

In addition, the entire Christ Embassy along with Pastor Chris was responsible for establishing the Trauma Care International and made a goal to put together events that would help raise awareness of the urgent need of donating blood.

To help raise the status of the community’s health, Pastor Chris has also donated loads of equipment to those in need all over Africa.

Along with supporting humanitarian aid, The Christ Embassy has affected many lives of those in need.

Our prayers go out to those touched, may they be blessed and fully recover.

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