How to Use New Technology to Prevent Auto Accidents

Auto accidents happen every day. Whether they cause injuries or property damage or not, they can be very painful and costly.

Safety on the road is one of the biggest reasons for new developments in automobile technology, and some of the new advances have produced cars that can practically drive themselves. Drivers are much safer driving these advanced vehicles, though sometimes it can cause them to be more careless than they might be without the new built-in precautions.

Before purchasing a vehicle with advanced built-in safety features, it’s a good idea to research the various kinds of safety options, and the accidents or injuries they could help to prevent.

Collision prediction

Car manufacturers have begun to produce vehicles with collision prediction sensors aboard. These sensors can pick up hazards while the vehicle is in motion, such as another car suddenly coming to a stop in front of you.

If a semi truck has a tire blowout, it could lose control and be unable to maneuver out of the path of other traffic on the road. What your sensor does is predict such hazards as they happen in front of you, by reading the speed, direction, and motion of the vehicles around you.

Your car alerts you to the danger with flashing lights, sounds, or gauges, so you can take the appropriate action to avoid a collision. For years, drivers have been getting around quite well without this kind of technology, and it’s regarded as an extra feature that’s not required for the safe operation of a vehicle.

Even so, tests have been done to show that such technology can significantly reduce the total number of crashes each year. It’s an increasingly popular safety feature in the newest models of many popular vehicle manufacturers.

Self-parking vehicles

If you have an aversion to parallel parking, you have that in common with other people around the world. Parallel parking is a difficult skill, and can intimidate even the most experienced drivers. Many a bumper has been damaged because a driver was trying to parallel park and misjudged the space available.

In order to prevent these common but potentially costly incidents, technology has been developed so your car can do the parking for you. Now you don’t have to worry about getting into a parallel parking space, unless your sensors malfunction. Having your car regularly inspected and maintained will prevent this from being a major concern.

Backing cameras

These have been around for some years, but their quality has steadily improved. It used to be difficult to see behind you when you put your vehicle in reverse; sometimes bicycles or garbage cans could be in just the right spot to be impossible to see, and that caused you to hit the object and damage your vehicle.

Another, more serious situation can occur in a parking lot, when you’re reversing out of a parking space. You may not see a vehicle coming down the aisle, and back right into it as the person is driving through.

This kind of accident can end up costing you a lot of money and increase the cost of your insurance. Now you can have a clear view of what’s behindyour vehicle.

Rear-view cameras for vehicles now come with the car when you purchase it, or you can buy and install one separately. With this technology, you can feel much more secure when driving in reverse.

These preventive technologies are great investments for your car to keep your passengers and you safe on the road. Perhaps one day the number of auto accidents per year will be reduced to almost zero.