Microsoft the Latest Webmail Service Features List

Microsoft the Latest Webmail Service Features List

This article gives detailed information about and helps the readers to attain knowledge on this webmail service.

Today’s world is the platform of technology which is increasing rapidly. Technology is the innovative tool that has given birth to internet or the World Wide Web. Previously, people used to communicate in the method of writing letters, telegrams to convey message to the required persons. But gone are those days and the traditional age old method has been replaced by computers with the help of which you can convey messages through mails and chats. Now you can send mails to your near and close ones with the help of webmail services like hotmail, rediffmail, Gmail and many more. is one of the most important and useful webmail services composed by Microsoft.

Presently this webmail service is now available in a preview. However over a period of time it is going to replace Hotmail. Outlook is the most updated language of Microsoft and it is designed in a creative manner and to some extent it mimics the edge of the software of outlook desktop.

Distinct features of outlook

Major Webmail services like Rediffmail, Yahoo, Gmail use the programming techniques called Ajax and also support the latest and advanced versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google chrome and Safari. is no exception to these features and its major features comprise keyboard controls which helps you in navigating across the webpage without taking the help of the mouse. You can also search your messages with well-designed query syntax like message filters, automatic completion of the mail addresses while writing or composing, grouping the contact addresses, formatting of text messages and text signatures, scanning the virus and so on.
These are possible due to this webmail service which also includes features like support for various numbers of contact addresses, and multifarious language specifications and versions.

Active view option

This is another option of which allows users to converse with their content messages directly and carry out the functionality of each and every email message. One instance is given to help you clear the concept. Active view option of the helps the users to preview the photo attachments without any trouble.

Skype incorporation

This is another useful utility of the webmail service. As a user, you can easily make Skype video calls. You can remove and delete bulky messages and put them into a folder which is based on the information of the sender who is sending them. This is termed as the “sweep” action of the and such an action is a distinct feature of the webmail service. You can configure various settings and make the same move for future emails which you receive or.
Another feature is Email alias which gives the users the capability of sending emails in bulk and to one recipient and all emails are sent to a definite folder.
If you install an SMTP server in your computer, you can easily send bulky messages through and make communication easier. video

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