Maximizing Storage Space – Clever Solutions For Your Kitchen Remodel

by Lalithaa

Clutter is a common problem in many homes. A messy house can make it hard to get things done, but practical storage solutions can help.

brown wooden seat beside white wooden table

Innovative kitchen organization ideas include maximizing vertical space, adding multifunctional furniture, and opting for space-saving appliances. This way, your kitchen remodel is functional, organized, and streamlined.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a popular option for kitchens because it can be a stylish and practical solution. When installed at eye level, it can help to keep your countertops clear and is great for everyday items like tea and coffee canisters, mugs, and glassware. When mounted higher up, it can be ideal for those kitchen tools you don’t use regularly (we’re looking at your pasta machine).

There are a few things to consider when planning a shelving unit. It’s good to remember to start filling your shelves from the edges and work your way inward; this will help you to create aisles so that it’s easy to get to the items you need without creating an avalanche of boxes.

It’s also essential to make sure your shelves are sturdy enough for the items you want to store. For this reason, we recommend a mix of solid wood and metal shelving units. They are durable and can easily absorb heavy crockery, pans, and other cooking equipment.


Streamlining organization and making items easier to find is the key to creating more livable spaces, whether you’re working to maximize storage in an existing home or a tiny apartment. First, identify your storage space and what you need to store in it. Then, look for clever solutions that offer the right mix of style and function to suit your home.

Rather than relying on traditional cabinetry for your storage needs, try different methods for stashing everyday items. Clothes bins and baskets keep clothing and linens neatly contained without taking up valuable closet real estate. Alternatively, small cubes mount on the wall to hold kitchen essentials like paper towels and plastic wraps.

Consider multi-use pieces with dual or pivoting functions for additional innovative storage ideas for your kitchen remodeling Bellevue. It can include tables that double as workstations or dining surfaces, indoor-outdoor furniture, and even storage units that fold from the bottom of a vanity.

Bins & Baskets

Storage bins and baskets are versatile enough for many different uses around the home. Swap out boxes that take up space in your pantry and replace them with clear food storage containers. 

Decorative storage baskets come in shapes and silhouettes that complement any decor. They can also help reduce clutter on desks and countertops by containing file folders, writing instruments, and other office supplies. Look for options that can be hung on a wall or in the closet to free up valuable floor space.

For the living room, bedroom, and entryway, woven storage baskets can hold blankets, throw pillows, books, or your favorite teddy bear. They’re also ideal for stashing laundry or extra household items like gift wrap. The kids’ rooms can be filled with toys and books to make clean-up a fun activity.

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