Lessons We Can Learn from Instagram’s Limited Ad Campaigns

While Instagram has not yet opened its doors to the majority of the businesses that wish to advertise on their platform, online marketing teams can still learn quite a bit by observing the sponsored content that is currently on this image-sharing network. Instagram has been slowly turning up the heat with sponsored posts by only allowing handful of companies to display their content in your feed.

Presumably, once Instagram is able to collect enough usage data, they will open the doors to more advertising applications. According to the official Instagram help center , they’ll “let you know when we’re ready to expand to more ad partners.” Here’s how your organization can be ready once Instagram opens the doors to advertising applications.

Personalized Content

It doesn’t seem like a surprise that Instagram will be collecting user data to personalize the ad experience . After all, they are owned by Facebook. In fact, Instagram has already announced that your Facebook likes and interests will be funneled into your ad experience at Instagram. This is exciting news for your company, especially if you’ve already built a substantial following on your Facebook Page. Your marketing processes will likely be streamlined between the two platforms. If your organization doesn’t already have a Facebook , you have time to catch up and gather “likes” before pursuing an Instagram campaign once this option is available.

Quality Control

If you take a look at the advertisements already posted by companies like Burberry, Michael Kors, and PayPal, you’ll notice that Instagram expects a certain caliber of quality when it comes to their advertisements. This means that you’ll need to take the production value seriously – it’s unlikely that Instagram will accept any old destabilized footage you shoot in your backyard.

Creative Punch

Most of the successful ad campaigns on Instagram mirror the type of content people use the imaging service for. Don’t be afraid to delve into comedic selfies, cute and inspiring pet pictures , or behind-the-scenes video footage of your company culture. These types of ad campaigns can help your audiences get a closer look at the talented individuals who work behind the scenes at your company.

Start looking at successful ad campaigns on Instagram now, because this platform should be opening its doors to other advertisers soon. Multimedia advertising across social networks can be an excellent way to spread brand recognition, especially if personalized content is displayed based on current Facebook data.