How to Use Corporate Gifting as a Business Strategy for Customer Engagement and Retention

by Lalithaa

The number one priority of most successful companies is to keep their clients happy because they know that a happy and engaged client will remain a loyal one. For this reason, it makes sense that companies must take advantage of all tools that are available to achieve this goal. Corporate gifting is one of those powerful tools for creating excellent customer engagement and retention.  

Everyone enjoys receiving special gifts but when it comes to corporate gifting, it’s a different story as it’s a tangible asset that helps communicate a message.

If you’re trying to engage valued clients and deliver impactful moments that will uniquely surprise your clients but also build trust and loyalty, corporate gifting can be a great place to start.

In this article, we look at how to use corporate gifting as a business strategy for customer engagement and retention.

Welcome New Customers

Using gifts to welcome new clients conveys a strong message that you feel excited and honored to have them on board. The gift you choose should be something that usually is enjoyed by everyone This can be a simple box of chocolates or a carefully curated wine gift box to give the best authentic experience.

This small gesture will demonstrate how grateful you are and reassure your clients that you’re attentive during the important onboarding stage. To make the gesture even more personal and heart-warming, accompany the gift with a personalized thank-you note as a way to show your deep appreciation and make them feel valued.

Stimulate Customers to Complete Projects

If your company is working on implementing changes to your product, service, or platform that requires a customer to be involved and participate, there’s a huge probability that you might be faced with resistance as people are reluctant to changes.

So, if you’re looking for a way to motivate your customers to perform an action you desperately need, why not offer them gifts as an incentive they simply cannot reject. Gift cards can be a perfect gift for the successful completion of the project. Many companies have used a similar tactic managing to overdeliver on their objective to move users to the latest version of their product by incentivizing customers with unique gifts.

Engage Customers Who Have Gone Silent


Gifts shouldn’t be solely intended for attracting new customers. Customers should be valued at all stages of the customer lifecycle and the last thing you want as a business owner is to make them feel unappreciated. For this reason, you should make sure to surprise them from time to time and keep them engaged.

All relationships in life must be nurtured if you want them to grow. This holds especially true for customer relationships. Reach out to your disengaged customers and use branded gifts to let them know you’re still here for them.

Celebrate Customer Achievements

When your customers achieve something, this is your achievement too. So, it’s important to congratulate them and show your support as this will reinforce and improve your relationship. 

You can take a personalized approach, like sending them a bouquet or a celebratory treat when they announce or complete a project, land a new client, or when they report record-high profits for the year.

Celebrate Personal Milestones

Promotions, birthdays, and work anniversaries are all milestones you should pay attention to if you wish to elevate your customer relationship from professional to personal. Observing these types of events by gifting your customers shows them you recognize and appreciate them.

For these types of occasions, you can send a bottle of champagne, self-care products, or branded items. All this will contribute to your efforts to build customer loyalty and retention.

Seasonal Campaigns


Throughout the year, we have so many seasonal holidays that you, as a business owner, can take advantage of and show appreciation to your clients. From Christmas to Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of joyous occasions and holidays to plan creative and effective gifting campaigns for the entire year.

You don’t even have to go down the traditional road. Use your enthusiasm and dare to experiment and surprise your customers by organizing gifting campaigns around offbeat holidays. Just keep in mind to make the gifts relevant to these dates and customize them to fit your customer’s interests, needs, and likes.

Final Words

If you haven’t still used gifting as part of your business strategy for customer engagement and retention, it’s about time you start.

From celebrating customer achievements, milestones to making holidays even more special, there is room for corporate gifting to help you boost interactions and improve your customer relationships. Everyone loves being surprised once in a while, so put some effort into delighting those who matter to you and your business.

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