How to Share Your New Business With the World: A Guide

by Lalithaa

There’s nothing more exciting than perfecting your MVP and moving to the production phase of your business when you’re ready to either sell your products or distribute your services. Much time, energy, and investment have gone into getting your business to this pivotal stage, and you want it to pay dividends as you make your first sales and impress your first customers. This article is all about sharing your new business with the world to expand your reach and to secure those all-important customers that will start delivering a return on your investments to date. 


Your website may well already be built. It’s a prerequisite to setting up a company, after all. But it may not be in the right shape to encourage business to your site and to your sales pages. Here, it’s important that you focus on:

  • Design: is it modern and flashy, impressing customers from the moment they land on your home page?
  • Information: are you sharing key information as soon as possible to wow consumers?
  • Products: are you sharing the best possible pictures of your products on smooth, easy-to-navigate pages?
  • Usability: Is your website easy to get around, and are products easy to purchase?

The key to getting your website in good shape is to ensure it’s beautiful, clear, concise, and easy to use. Hire an experienced web designer to get you there, so the world’s impressed by what they see when they land on your unique URL.


Marketing comes in many forms, but a form that you should focus on right away is SEO. By parenting with marketing agencies such as SEO Ibérica, you’ll build out your website’s copy in order to use keywords that will attract Google users to your website. 

Over time, and with some investment, you’ll begin climbing onto page one of Google’s search results, getting you hundreds more site visits per week. And with international SEO, which uses keywords from across the world, you’ll be able to be seen not just by your host country but by the billions of global consumers who surf the internet each and every day. 

Social Media

Finally, social media is a smart way to share your new business. Why? Because you have friends, family, colleagues, and connections on social media who may become your first customers. Many of them will have joined you on your journey so far and will be delighted to share in your first forays into sales.

And, of course, those contacts have hundreds of friends each. If they’re willing to share your marketing material, exposing you to their followers, you’ll find that your reach expands quickly into the tens of thousands – and for little to no investment. Even paying for advertising on social media is a smart idea, seeing as you’re able to target adverts to the consumers you care about the most. Engage on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in order to boost your visibility. 

Use the three tips outlined above to begin sharing your new business with the world as quickly as possible in the coming weeks and months. 

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