How to Set Up a Digital Signage System

Flat Screen Television with Images

Digital signage brings increased exposure, efficient marketing, and ultimately more sales. It is far more effective than traditional signs, and advances in technology are improving the quality and scope of solutions at an impressive rate. It is even possible for systems to us NFC to attract shoppers into establishments through pushing content.
It is becoming increasingly impossible for business owners to ignore the world of digital signs, and increasingly wise to utilize the systems and reap the benefits that it brings.

You are probably wondering… how do you set up a digital signage system? It is not as difficult as you might imagine, and it is possible to install a low-cost standalone system with relative ease. Here is how:



The cheapest and easiest way to display your content digitally is with a USB capable TV set. An emulation of the original digital signs, this method allows you to play recorded data straight from the USB to the TV set. It requires nothing more.

– Purchase a USB compatible TV. It should be high quality, high definition, and preferably LCD display. Make sure you do not cut costs too much on this, as a poor display could damage the effectiveness of the content.
-Mount the TV in the area that you want to display your content.
-Create the content and upload it to the USB.
-Play the USB through the TV. The recording will loop once finished, until the TV is turned off.

This is a standalone system, and so cannot be updated live, and is not connected to the internet. To update content you must save and upload it to the USB first. It is simple and has its limitations, but is very cheap and easy to install. Be sure to update your content regularly so that it functions as a digital noticeboard and not an annoying loop of adverts which drives your regular customers insane!

Option two is slightly more difficult to set up, but is still very easy, and provides you a much deeper and fuller system.

-Buy and set up your high definition LED display. Also make sure you have two PCs, one of which can be used exclusively for your signage system. You do not need a particularly high spec machine.
-Download some software. You can get it free online, or you can pay to experience a better service and more management options.
-Connect one PC to the LED monitor. This is your player PC, and will be used only to run the content to the TV.
-Install the manager software to the second PC. This computer can have multiple functions and is only used to manage content and transfer is to the player PC.
-Generate your content. Be sure to utilize the software and use messaging, videos, and anything else that helps you to captivate your audience.

This signage system is much more flexible than the first option. The software allows for advanced content design, and management is easier. It is possible to create live updates by connecting the system to the internet and using advanced software.

Option3-No Shame Hiring The Pros!
In a lot of cases it is easy enough to set up a system yourself, especially if you are only looking for a basic digital billboard with a TV display. For more technical systems there is certainly no harm in calling the professionals. Companies, such as Videonations or Onelan, can help you to create perfectly crafted content and deliverance, as well as install complex digital signage systems, which take your business to the next level.