How To Prepare Your Home for a Vacation Rental

by Lalithaa

Using one of your properties as a vacation rental can be quite lucrative. If you’re considering turning your home into a vacation rental, getting it ready for your guests should be a top priority. Keep reading for tips on how to prepare your home for a vacation rental. 

Create a welcome packet.

Many of your guests will be wondering what rules or information you may have for your vacation rental. Creating a welcome packet or book for guests that includes information about your home and the area will help your guests feel more comfortable and prepared for their stay. This is your opportunity to inform them on how to use certain tools or appliances in your home, like the oven or thermostat. If you have any house rules, like a smoking ban, you need to let your guests know.

A welcome packet is also great for introducing your guests to the area. If your home is involved in vacation property management Scottsdale offers, you’re probably familiar with guests who want to know where the nearest swimming pools are. A welcome guide is a perfect opportunity to recommend the best ones in the area. For a rental in a city like Chicago, try to list a few nice coffee spots and restaurants to help your guests have the best trip. Additionally, you must add your contact information to your welcome packet, and a means to connect in case there’s an emergency. 

Clean and declutter the home.

Above all, guests want to arrive at clean a vacation rental. If you have a lot of revolving guests, consider hiring a cleaning company to manage regular cleanings. Not only will cleaning professionals clean the home more carefully, but they’ll also work with you to create a set schedule. Regardless of who cleans your rental, you’ll need to thoroughly wipe down surfaces, do laundry, and clean anything else necessary. As you clean, make sure you have plenty of supplies available, such as towels, sheets, toilet paper, and dishes. This will prevent the guest from having to restock items themselves. Consider including bathroom amenities you’d normally find in a hotel room, like hand soap, shampoo, and various towel options. 

Stay on top of repairs.

If any repairs need to be made, you should get them done as soon as possible. Guests will appreciate having a home that is in good condition. You may face negative reviews and disgruntled guests if you don’t stay on top of repairs. Some of the most common repairs that need to be made include fixing broken windows, repairing holes in the walls, and fixing leaky faucets. If you’re unsure how to fix a certain repair, you can always call a professional to help you. It’s also important to make sure that your property is well-maintained. This includes trimming the lawn, weeding the garden, and keeping the home’s exterior clean. Guests will appreciate having a property that looks kept up. 

Set the mood for your guests.

Create a welcoming atmosphere in your home by adding some decorative touches. This will make guests feel more comfortable and at home. One way to do this is to fill the home with thoughtful additions, like a book light or an umbrella. In the bathroom, make sure you add some extra items like lotion, body scrubs, or scented candles. If possible, try to stock the kitchen with common kitchen ingredients, like spices and oils.

You may also want to include a few goodie bags for your guests to give them a warm welcome. Some cost-effective options include a hand-written note and local recommendations. You could also go all out and gift them snacks and beverages. If your vacation rental has an outdoor area, consider staging some comfortable seating arrangements and tools for outdoor activities.

Whether you’re new to the vacation rental space or you’ve been renting your home out for a while, it can be challenging to create the best possible atmosphere. Adequately preparing your home can help increase the likelihood of it being booked and help ensure a positive experience for guests.

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