How to Draft an Impressive IT Resume in 2022

by Lalithaa

In today’s world, the dependence on data and programming has expanded. The 21st century saw a record number of occupations coming up in IT. This prompted Computer Science graduation to be the most selected degree of all.

Plenty of opportunities pushed numerous students to choose IT field certifications and degrees. It became a norm. It became compulsory to thus write an impressive resume to find a line of work in the wake of graduating.

Resume development is a skill in itself. We have curated a list that you must keep in to draft an impressive fresher IT resume in 2022 :

  • Choosing a suitable format 

A suitable resume format would depend on the kind of prior experience the candidate has. There could be many ways to go about it. A candidate could choose between a reverse chronological resume, which is the norm, or a functional resume. They are meant for different purposes and shall be chosen based on your needs.

If you have prior work experience, then a reverse chronological order of your resume can be followed. The resume would mention prior work experience in descending order with the most recent experience mentioned at the topmost.

If you do not have prior work experience, have gap years, or wish to work in an industry that is different from your opted degree then it might be better to choose a functional resume format. A functional resume reflects your skill-set. It has more emphasis on key skills or soft skills gained rather than on the gaps between education and work experience.

  • Include academic details

An entry-level candidate would be expected to specify the scholarly subtleties exhaustively. The scholastic subtleties could incorporate the name of the degree being sought after, name of the school, year of passing, GPA or percentage, and so forth.

It is the best bet to emphasize the academic achievements and projects completed if any. It is a differentiator and conveys the competence of the candidate to recruiters.

  • Include certifications

The IT business is consistently developing. Innovations and upgrades in technology keep coming up. There is a ton of space to develop and it is best communicated by having a decent set of certifications in your profile. It would convey a strong information base and an interest to learn.

You could figure out how to code in popular languages or you could acquire new and forthcoming abilities. They could be customized in light of the job you applied for or the industry extensively.

  • Include skills

The applicant could have numerous skills. Adding applicable skills makes it simpler for recruiters to find the true fit for their organization. It makes it easier for recruiters to assess the candidate’s potential. Thus, technical skills and key skills must be added to the resume. Technical skills could comprise the knowledge of coding or the software used. Key skills could be application development, etc.

  • Write a resume objective

A resume features your inspirations and the drive behind applying for the job. The objective is to disclose how you could be a resource for the organization given the abilities that you have. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing the right template and format is key to a good resume.
  • Academic details and achievements must be mentioned.
  • Certifications convey a candidate’s zeal and make him/her stand out.
  • Skills can be broadly categorized into key and technical.
  • A resume objective is the most important part of the resume. It highlights the motivations behind applying for the role.

A killer resume following the above-mentioned steps would help you grab your next internship!

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