How to Hand-Pick E-Cigarette SEO for Your Blog

Blogging about e-cigarette trends, controversies, and the virtues of e-cigarettes vs. traditional tobacco sticks is a great niche to have. But you still can’t let search engine optimization (SEO) go by the wayside.

You might have the perfect niche blog, but other bloggers will catch on soon, which means competition is about to get fierce. Following SEO best practices will help you stay ahead of the pack.

Make the most of AdWords Keywords Tool to guarantee that you’re covering all your SEO keyword and key phrase basics. Ase-cigarettes become more popular and media coverage heats up, especially with regard to state taxation and potential bans, the SEO keywords are going to shift constantly.

What was a top-ranked keyword last week might be nearly obsolete today. Luckily for bloggers, it’s not very hard to stay on top of SEO trends.

Remember your SEO basics

Need a refresher course on black-hat tricks? Copying content, such as plagiarizing another site’s e-cigarette coverage, isn’t going to boost your SEO.

Google’s algorithms picks up on duplicate content, can easily see who published it first, and may penalize you for “cheating.” Plus, readers are going to take note and may not trust your blog if you’re caught.

Keyword stuffing — that is, as cramming in as many keywords as possible, even if they don’t flow and aren’t necessarily relevant — isn’t going to win you any points, either. While you might believe you’ve flawlessly tied the popularity of vape shops on college campuses to a blog about taxation issues in another state, Google algorithms may judge differently.

Keep up on SEO black-hat practices so you can play it safe.


Scope out the competition

Once you have your keywords foundation in place, it’s time to play detective. Search for sites and links as if you were one of your own readers and see which keywords pop up. If those sites complement your own blog, that’s a cue to start incorporating the competition’s keywords into your own content.

If a lot of people are Googling the best flavors of vapes, maybe that should be your next blog topic.

Keywords are a funny thing: It’s easy to put them on the back burner when you’re developing a vape-based website. However, they will always be your bread and butter and should stay on center stage.

They’re how readers and surfers find you, so you need to make that process easy. Let keywords be your trail of bread crumbs, and don’t let them go stale.