How to Get a liquor license in Texas

by Lalithaa

If you are looking to open a bar, restaurant or liquor store in Texas, one of your most significant challenges will be obtaining a liquor license, also known as a “TABC license.” While it is possible to go the application process alone, it’s often helpful to work with experienced professionals throughout the process. Here’s why:

Time is Money

Even if your business is appropriately capitalized, delays can drain your funding. Many bars, restaurants and retail stores have to wait six months or more to get their permit.

Third-party alcohol consulting firms, on the other hand, may be able to streamline your application process and get you your permit within 60 days. That’s a difference of 120 days: How much money could you make, or lose, in that period of time?

The Process is Complicated

Dealing with government bureaucracy is never easy. It can be hard to get the right answers to your questions. In fact, sometimes it’s hard even to know what questions you need to be asking. There are different application processes for different types of TABC licenses, and it’s important to choose the right one. It’s also important to know how to completely, and accurately, answer any questions asked.

An experienced consultant has completed this process many times. He or she can help you avoid rookie mistakes and get your application ready to go quickly.

Your Focus Should be on Your Business

Right now, 100% of your focus should be on developing your new store, bar or restaurant: Hiring the right people, developing your brand, sourcing marketing materials and connecting with suppliers. Trying to manage a liquor license application can be a giant headache and may interfere with your other responsibilities.

Chances are, you hired a lawyer to draw up your business incorporation papers and an accountant to keep your books. Contracting with experts makes sense, particularly when they can take on tasks that don’t directly correspond to your business mission.

Your time and money, and that of your investors, is valuable. Partnering with a third-party TABC firm, such as Texas Alcohol Consulting can help you get the permitting process right the first time around. The sooner you can begin selling drinks and package goods, the sooner you can turn your dreams into profit.

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