Firefox Phone The First Handsets With The Firefox Operating System

They are available for the first few lucky terminals with the OS Firefox Firefox Phone which recorded the “sold out” within hours of them put on the market , to the delight of all fans of Firefox and Mozilla apparently the new operating system is proving very successful, very difficult for him to be able to be immediately competitive with those who are “older” than him like Android and iOS, but the interest of the market there.

firefox phone nw640

A new competitor comes straight to be able to sweep the competition as Android and iOS, or at least to try it just for a few hours has been put on the market the new OS Firefox theFirefox Phone has set foot on the world market making his presentation with first 10,000 models which recorded immediately sold out in the store that hosted them.

very promising result that fails to renew the confidence that investors and the very many faithful followers of the famous Browser users have had up to now, the company’s products for telephony Geeksphone fact that it was the responsible for the creation and sale of devices launch took place this morning in an interview to Forbes via telephone exclaimed, pointing out that the success of their site selling smartphone Firefox Phone has been down for a few hours just because of the almost unexpected success he has seen in a few hours over 1000 devices sold a great success so far, the site has an inscription that makes us understand how success is confirmed by giving the news of the non-availability of the product indicating “out of stock”.

The two devices in fact the first Keon from $ 119 and the second peak of $ 199 are literally went like hot cakes, these first devices in short bode well for the release which will take place in other countries such as Brazil, Venezuela or Europe such as Poland and Portugal L ‘ Italyunfortunately has been named among the nations, and then you do not know if this device will come here, but fortunately there are many online stores that if the product will be successful in their catalog definitely take this great alternative Firefox Phone that are personally very curious to try it, probably the same as Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla said the smartphone will be launched in the markets where Mozilla is stronger and then the United States is expected to wait again, maybe they will see these devices in 2014.