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by Lalithaa

Witness List Finalized in Epic v. Apple Trial

We are sure that everyone on this page is aware of the ongoing trial between Apple & Epic Games. As per the latest development, Apple has submitted a list of witnesses for the upcoming bench trial. In the witness list, many Apple executives have been added and will be testifying during the trial. The list of witnesses also includes Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. Other notable personalities in the witness list include Phil Schiller (Apple Store In-charge) and Craig Federighi (Senior Vice President of the Software Engineering Division).

what is court tim scott epic appleclovermacrumors cook ?

As per one of the sources, it was revealed that Tim Cook would be examined for close to an hour, and he would also have one additional hour for the cross-examination. The same source revealed that Craig Federighi has two hours to testify and one hour of an additional hour for cross-examination. Lastly, Phil Schiller will testify for 10 hours. It was also revealed that all three personalities would appear in person in court, and there would be no virtual appearances.

court tim scott epic appleclovermacrumors cook

Apple also issued a statement for MacRumors stating that the Apple executives are waiting to share the impact that the App Store has had on the economies around the world. The App Store supports developers and publishers across the globe and helps them run their businesses. The App Store has helped countries drive innovation for over 12 years. Apple Executives are confident that the case will prove a purposeful breach from Epic Games to increase their revenue. Apple has justified the move by removing Epic Games from the App Store. Apple also revealed that the move from Epic could have a data security and financial risk to the users, so the decision was taken in the users’ interest. So court tim scott epic appleclovermacrumors cook means Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi and Scott Forstall to Testify in Epic v. Apple Trial . It is also known that Epic, the CEO Time Sweeney, and other Epic employees have been listed as witnesses.

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