Buying real estate in Bodrum for relocation: what to visit before the purchase

by Lalithaa

The resort of Bodrum is located on the peninsula of the same name between the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas in the south-west of Turkey. Rest in Bodrum is a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: have a great time on the sandy and pebbly beaches, secluded bays with clear clear water and touch the history, the city is more than two thousand years old. A small seaside resort on the Aegean coast Bodrum is a compact package of entertainment, beauty and culture. Such a beneficial combination attracts foreigners to buy villa in Bodrum.

Here foreigners can enjoy numerous historical monuments, Turkish customs and traditions, tourist-oriented lifestyle, and well-developed infrastructure. So, what places are worth visiting in Bodrum for those who desire to relocate?

Must-visit destinations in Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum has long been considered an elite resort on the shores of the Aegean Sea, available only to wealthy Europeans. Today, democratic pricing policy allows it to open up to a wider public. Moreover, on the territory of Bodrum and its surroundings visitors have a lot to occupy themselves, in addition to the traditional beach holiday. To explore the cultural and art legacy of Bodrum, visit the following destinations:

  • The Castle of St. Peter;
  • Bodrum Ancient Theater;
  • Bodrum Harbour;
  • Bitez Beach;
  • Bodrum Old Town.

The Castle of St. Peter

St. Peter’s Castle is deservedly considered one of the visiting cards of Bodrum. The structure, built in the XV century, is perfectly preserved to this day. Centuries-old history of the castle remembers how its walls were both an outpost for the Christians – the heirs of the Byzantine Empire, and a mosque for the Ottoman Turks. Visiting this historic complex, you can enjoy:

  • a visit to the museum of underwater archaeology;
  • medieval banqueting hall and other exhibitions inside the castle;
  • a stroll through the gallery of amphorae and glassware
  • an exploration of the remains of the 14th century Uluburun shipwreck;
  • the ringing silence in the mystical walls of the Gothic chapel;
  • the picturesque scenery of Bodrum and its surroundings from the observation deck at the top of the Commander’s Tower;
  • a stunning garden where pomegranates, mulberries, quinces and aloes bloom and bear fruit;
  • photos with important peacocks strolling quietly around the castle grounds.

Bodrum Ancient Theater

The ancient theater is one of the most famous historical sites of Bodrum. It is located in the northern part of the city, on the picturesque slope of Goktepe Hill and was built in the IV century BC under the ruler Mausolus. The capacity of the amphitheatre is more than 13000 people. In 1973, excavations were completed and the amphitheater became an open-air museum. The restored Hellenistic theater hosts concerts and music festivals. The Mindos Gate or Mindos Gate is located in the western part of Bodrum City. It is the remains of one of the two entrances to the former Halicarnassus.

Bodrum Harbour

It’s breathtaking to think that ships have been sailing into Bodrum harbor, tucked away behind the castle, for more than 3,000 years. And for those who come here by land, the harbor with its wide embankments, palm trees and eucalyptus trees is a great place to walk. Here you can watch the ferries come and go, especially in the evening at a beautiful sunset. On the other side of the street is a continuous line of restaurants and cafes, which also offer unforgettable views.

Bitez Beach

Bitez Bay, located 7 kilometers from the center of Bodrum, one of the most popular beaches on the peninsula, which is a flat crescent, solidly dotted with cafes, restaurants and hotels. Despite the fact that the infrastructure here is developed in five and a half years, the bay is still very green and picturesque, and all thanks to the citrus and pine groves, giving freshness even in the heat of the day.

Bodrum Old Town

Another aspect of Bodrum’s traditional culture is its magnificent and colorful old town, built anonymously into the modern resort. The secret doors to this area of town are the narrow streets that wind away from the waterfront and dissolve into a network of narrow streets winding between colorful cottages adorned with vines.

The old-school architectural design of Bodrum’s old town, along with the trees that stretch their branches from every house and the potted plants that grow in the alleys and add to the greenery, make this area of town a great place for photographers. You can also find many cafes and restaurants scattered around the neighborhood, mostly on the main streets.

The outcomes

The Turkish peninsula of Bodrum attracts not only tourists and investors, but also those foreigners who are looking for a comfortable place to live. And in this respect Bodrum can be the best choice due to its mild climate, clean beaches, developed infrastructure and relatively inexpensive real estate. A major aggregator Turk.Estate offers a wide selection of exclusive real estate for any budget. The website is constantly updated to help to find your ideal property regardless of whether you are looking for an option to buy, rent, sell or invest in.

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