British Telecom Signs Mobile Network deal with EE

According to the latest reports, the telecoms company BT is currently trying to forge a deal with the UK mobile network operator Everything Everywhere (EE), which also owns Orange and T-Mobile. EE 4G broadband services were the first to launch in the UK and the network is now in a position to continue rolling out superfast internet to all corners of the country.


BT is expected to be returning to the consumer mobile phone market following more than a ten year absence. Its last foray into this particular market ended in 2001, when it jettisoned BT Cellnet. The company now mainly provides mobile phone services to businesses and public sector organisations, but it is set to start targeting households if it can successfully broker a deal to use EE’s widespread network. EE currently offers coverage for those with EE iPhone contracts and deals with other handsets in more than 100 towns and cities, including rural locations.


The main advantage of joining up with EE for BT is that it will be able to provide blanket mobile phone coverage to its customers, but it won’t have to spend time and money building a huge number of new masts. Although the deal has not yet been finalised, a consumer launch is being slated for next year and a BT spokesperson has said:

“We are excited about this partnership with EE as it will give us lots of options both in the business and consumer markets.

“Broadband speeds are improving all the time with fibre and 4G and we want our customers to enjoy the fastest speeds possible, whether they are in the home, office or out and about.”