Believers heed the call of Christ as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome leads thousands in prayer

Over the weekend of July 14th and 15th of 2018, a major conference was convened in London. Just as the World Cup was heating up to its long-anticipated finale, thousands of loyal followers of the internationally renowned Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, came flocking to his Believers’ LoveWorld Christian ministry conference in order to rejoice in the love of Christ and hear the divinely inspired message for which Mr. Oyakhilome has become so well known.

The huge event was able to sell out the entire SSE Arena in Wembly, making it one of the largest Christian gatherings in the city this year. Attendees hailed from all corners of the globe, including North America, Africa and as far as China and Japan. Believers’ LoveWorld was very pleased with the outcome of the event, representing another successful chapter in the long and transformative career of Mr. Oyakhilome and his rapidly growing church.

One of the more promising aspects of the event for those who organized it was the fact that it coincided exactly with the culmination of the World Cup. The organizers were worried that this most followed of sporting events would deter people from receiving the gospel. But the event’s planners were amazed by the large showing, indicating that the Holy Spirit had more sway over the faithful than the draw from their favorite teams.

Pastor Ohakhilome is widely known for his emotive style of delivering the gospel and is often cited as one of the most engaging pastors in the world today. And in this regard, he didn’t disappoint during the two-day conference. Many of the conference attendees remarked on how moved they were by the inspiring words of Pastor Oyakhilome and the way in which he connected with the audience. This ability to deliver strong messages of faith has been one of the central means by which Oyakhilome has been able to so rapidly grow his church. Today, Believers’ LoveWorld is estimated to have more than 13 million members and Pastor Oyakhilome’s books have been translated into more than 900 languages.

At the Leaders and Partners Conference, he was able to convince even more of the faithful to join the ranks of his organization and help to spread the word of Jesus Christ. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had set forth as the goal of the conference to instill in his audience the word of God and to raise them to a new pedestal of faith. Once the event started, it was a strictly closed-doors affair. Those who had bought entrance tickets were given exclusive access to what may be the single greatest preacher of our time. High-level officials with Believers’ LoveWorld stated that the conference was an absolute success. They said that many members of the audience had been inspired to carry out greater works in their communities, and many had felt that what they experienced amounted to a kind of prophecy, which they would follow as divine command.

About Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of the most-followed religious figures in the world today. With more than 13 million members belonging to his Believers’ LoveWorld church, he reaches more people with the gospel than almost any other leader on the continent of Africa and throughout the world.

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