#BadHairDay? Not a problem, as Pantene is there for your consultation


The well-known hair care brand of Procter and Gamble, Pantene is offering the social media followers an opportunity to post their pictures with a bad hair day on Twitter or Instagram. The campaign invites the social media users to use the hashtag #BadHairDay along with their pictures of a bad hair day and in return they will provide the followers a consultation having the solutions to their problems.

This campaign was started on the basis of the research of the brand that the users have posted their pictures with a hashtag of BadHairDay more than the GoodHairDay and the difference was huge i.e. upto 7 times greater. In response to this, they wanted to take an initiative and started their campaign on the social media through which they provide consultation to the users with which they can have more good hair days rather than the bad hair days.

For providing the personal consultation to each user who posts the BadHairDay picture on Intagram and Twitter, there is a huge group of followers in the studio of the hair care brand with the name of #GreatHairDaywhere they handle each bad hair posts and they are the social responders for Pantene’s new campaign which is known as the 14 day challenge for women to have great hair day rather than the bad hair day. Share your #badhariday pictures with your followers on Instagram to get more Instagram likes.

These social responders or the advisers of Pantene force the users to try some of their shampoos and conditioners which will suit their scalp and hair. These recommended shampoos and conditioners must be used for 14 days as per the recommendation because it is the 14 day challenge. After that they are required to post a picture using the hashtag of great hair day if they have the great experience of using the recommended products. There are also the 2 ads of 30 seconds in this campaign which are featured on the real women sharing their experience of bad hair day and how it has changed into great hair day with the use of recommended products by the Pantene’s consultants.

Through this way, not only the people will start using the products of Pantene, but also they will get engaged with them on the social media platform. The entertaining challenges like Great Hair Day challenge are a best way to engage a huge number of the social media users through asking them to share their posts with the bad hair day.

It is a good initiative taken from Pantene as the personal consultation provided to the users will make them feel important and give them value which my perhaps urge them to buy the products of Pantene. Also, the challenges are a good way to have the hashtags and videos go viral on the social media sites like youtube and Instagram which is a good source to attract many users. The audience show a huge participation for such challenges and this will be the success for the campaign.

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