How to Avoid Shady SEO Tactics

Google is constantly looking to shut down SEO practices that abuse its policies. If you own an auto parts business and want to bring new traffic to your site, make sure you follow the correct guidelines.It’s not as easy to trick a giant like Google as it used to be.

Bad practices for SEO

If you go into a store, you know it’s not right to steal the merchandise. The same thing goes for when you’re trying to gain traffic for your website. Don’t “steal” traffic from other people by attempting to cheat the system, because Google’s watching.

Automated content is a big no-no when you’re trying to improve your SEO techniques. These websites feature text that was generated by a computer. It never went before the eyes of editors or any human before it was published.

Text can also be accumulated by taking bits and pieces from an RSS feed. This scrap text is then put into an article and uploaded to a site where it will bring in traffic. Google does not take this sort of behavior lightly.

Basically, anything that doesn’t require some serious work will not be accepted by Google. There are a few practices that don’t require a ton of work that should still be fine; these include hand-written articles and thoughtful blog posts.

Spotting bad practices

People are advised to contact Google if anything looks like spam on the web. There’s usually a button a user can click that will send the site to Google. Its experts will review the material and decide whether it’s the result of acceptable practices or not.

If you’ve been questioned by Google about one of your sites or web pages, make sure you respond as soon as possible. Google is an extremely busy company that doesn’t have time to wait for people. It will eliminate the page right away if there’s any question that it’s not good.

Automobile SEO practices

In a field such as the automobile industry, many specific words get used over and over again. Items such as exhaust, wheels, or horsepower may be used in almost every sentence. To focus on the right keywords, make sure you maintain variety.

Describing new wheels as “shoes” or “dubs” might bring in new traffic via Google. Researching your keywords up front is a good idea. After that, try to employ a refreshing variety of similar words for parts and capabilities.

Meta description tags are also duplicated many times on a vehicle-oriented website. Keep your meta tags as short as possible, since they aren’t use to bump up your website rankings in Google.

The PPC manager of the website will be the best person to consult about creating unique meta tags.

Research and assistance from people who know about keywords are some of the best things you can do to increase your traffic. They will guarantee that your site is not weakened by bad content and bump up the site in search immediately.

Make sure that corrupt practices aren’t being used to raise your search ranking. Google wants to make the web as fair as possible for everyone. Watch out for repetitive content in your SEO techniques.