AskMe: The must-have app for every Smartphone owner

Smartphones have come to be necessities in everyday lives of humans and every now and then we want to perform certain tasks that are part of our every day routines. May it be shopping, watching a movie, a business deal and all sorts of other tasks. The apps that are in our Smartphones are the most important thing for any Smartphone to be called ‘Smart’. The AskMe app just like the name sounds like has come to make lives of Smartphone users easier than never before. Throughput this article, we will look at AskMe app and tell you why it is a must have app in every Smartphone owner.S

What is AskMe?

Ask Me App Review


AskMe is a third-party assist app developed by Getit Infoeservices Pvt Ltd which assists users in searching for jobs, restaurants near your location, great shipping deals and all sorts of deals. The most amazing thing is that you get to do this with your Smartphone.

Why AskMe app?

The AskMe app is currently the trendiest and popular app in India at the moment, and even the Indian Bollywood icon Ranbir Kapoor has joined in the trend as he is the brand ambassador of this amazing app. The hilarious advertisement of the AskMe app has made it the spotlight on TV at the moment and its ability to multi task just makes it worth the bargain. Normal apps in the market right now just perform a particular task but the AskMe app performs a lot of these tasks in seconds.

Downloading and installing AskMe app

The AskMe app is available in the Google Play Store in your Smartphone just like any other app. You just search for AskMe, download and then install and you are good to go. The AskMe app is compatible with any Android version after 2.2 so that makes it available for many Smartphones.

Main AskMe app features


  • Finds nearest businesses at your location
  • You get all offers tendered by your favorite businesses
  • Get latest classifieds, real estates, jobs, cars, smartphones, job openings and many more
  • Add suggestions, reviews, as well as images for your favorite business
  • It is fast and simple to use
  • Review ratings of products, so that you can know the best place to shop
  • Make listings of your favorite business all by yourself.
  • AskMe allows you to share your favorite businesses with your family and friends through SMS, emails and Social networks ( Twitter and Facebook)
  • Find contact information of businesses near your location so that you can ask questions that you need to know within seconds
  • Also, you get additional details about business ratings, opening and closing hours, transaction methods, and reviews. This makes it easier and convenient for you to choose your deals.

There you have it, make sure to download the AskMe app and make your work easier. Personally speaking, this is the best app so far and using it has made my work easier than ever before. Go to your Google Play Store immediately and have a try. Be sure to tell us what you think by commenting below