7 Ways to Grow Your Business through Local SEO

What is the principal objective of people in life? It is to make your tomorrow better than you were yesterday. In order to do so, you have to work today. Businesses need to concentrate on improving their products and services. Customers are the core requirement of any business concern. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a steady flow of customers. This entails that you retain your existing ones and search for new ones at the same time. Local SEO can do a great deal in helping you in this endeavor. You can take the help of experts from citation websites like Tribe Local to ensure a strong local SEO campaign.

Let us look at 7 easy ways to grow your business through local SEO.

Concentrate on the mobile

The easy availability of smartphones and accessibility to the internet has resulted in a majority of people using their mobile phones to browse the internet for information. Google has also recognized this change in the preference of people. They have tweaked their norms and are now giving more importance to websites that have mobile-friendly internet accessing features. Therefore, all things being equal, this mobile-friendliness will help you steal a march over your competitors on the local SEO. Therefore, this is the prime requisite for any business wishing to enter the online market. Have a strong mobile-friendly website.×315.jpg

Improve your local presence:

A person residing in Austin TX will not search for an attorney in Houston TX in case he feels the need for consultations. Therefore, improving your local presence is of great importance. One of the best ways to ensure this is to claim your GMB listing. Statistics point out that 97% of internet accessing people search for local businesses online. On the other hand, only around 35% of businesses have claimed their GMB listing. Is this not an incentive for you to claim your GMB listing? You might just have a head start over your competitors in this aspect of online marketing.

Maintain consistency of your citations

Citations play an important role in local SEO. You have citation websites like Tribe Local that can help you maintain the accuracy and consistency of your NAP information. This is necessary because your prospective customers will not be able to reach you properly if you submit inaccurate information.

Social media engagement should be of the highest order

Social media has a large role to play in your local SEO campaigns. Today, you have almost everyone having at least one social media account. Having your individual social media campaigns should be the right way to ensure social media engagement of the highest order. The more you post on social media, the more number of likes and shares you get. This helps you to reach out to customers who you might never have done otherwise. This is the best medium to share your opinions and promote your products and services. Having a strong social media strategy is one of the sure ways of ensuring a higher rank on the SERPs.

Have quality content on your website

Nothing can take away the fact that good quality content will fetch you higher business. People search the internet for a variety of reasons. There are people who do so with a researching intent. They need to get valuable information. Similarly, there are others who visit your website with a need to avail your services, i.e. business intent. The keywords required for each of these intents are different. Hence, it is imperative that a lot of research goes into the selecting the right keyword for the right intent. Therefore, keyword research is an important factor in local SEO.

A great linking strategy is necessary

Having quality content on your website is one aspect. Linking to them is another important aspect. You have FAQ pages and Blog pages on your website. Use these pages to link to your services pages using strong internal links. Similarly, provide external links wherever you furnish statistics. This enables people to check out the genuineness of your claims. Hence, this improves your trust factor. Backlinks play a great role in local SEO. Ensure to get quality backlinks from .gov or .edu websites. This can improve web traffic and thereby your rank on the SERP.

Customer reviews matter a lot

You have done your best to provide the highest quality of services. Who will certify this fact? Naturally, you customers can do this by posting positive and encouraging reviews on your website. This is one of the best ways to enhance your popularity. However, do not resort to using backdoor tactics like purchasing reviews. Google can see through methods and come down heavily on your business, thereby affecting your ranking.


We have seen 7 different ways by which you can achieve a top rank on the SERP. Ensure that you maintain the ame for a long time to come.