4 Ways to Market Your Art Online

Maintaining a strong online presence is vital to the career of almost any artist.  More people than ever get much of their news and other information from online sources, and innumerable individuals belong to social media sites. This means that an artist can now reach more people than ever without spending a lot of money to do it. By implementing a few of the most effective online marketing strategies, an artist may propel a career forward in an efficient way.

Use SEO to Attract Viewers

In order to be found online, an artist must employ search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. The only real way to reach an ongoing stream of individuals is to draw them to a site when they perform online searches or when they are visiting other sites. According to the editing team at Empty Easel, an artist might try employing a relatively simple SEO process over the course of a year. Search engine optimization is a continual endeavor, so using a variety of techniques and being consistent can boost an artist’s online presence. To market art effectively online, an artist should develop at least a basic understanding of keywords, links, and social networking strategies. The primary benefits of SEO (attracting traffic and maintaining relevance to online users) are well worth the time and effort it takes to employ search engine optimization properly.

Offer a Blog

Providing online users with a blog is one of the top ways to connect with them. When people are searching various topics online, they generally seek useful information. An artist might provide people with information about the art world, as well as expose them to a particular body of work. When readers can view interesting and useful information on a blog, they are more likely to regard the professional who owns it as a credible source for information and artwork.

Utilize Other Popular Blogs

An artist can learn much from other art bloggers. A person might regularly visit popular art blogs for inspiration. One way to find other blogs is to look at the sites of other artists and art galleries, such as this gallery’s site that offers a link to its blog on its home page. Seeing various topics discussed on other blogs may aid an individual in providing relevant information on a regular basis.

Another way to utilize other blogs is to link to them. By linking to other blog articles, an artist can potentially form relationships with other bloggers. Other bloggers might return the favor by linking to that artist’s blog, as well. This is a networking strategy that can repeatedly yield results.

Maintain a Strong Online Presence via Social Media

A strong online presence may keep an artist at the forefront of the art world. By getting involved with an array of social media sites, an artist can catch the attention of numerous online users. Simply providing a blog may not be enough to keep people interested; an artist should also be visible on sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. According to Artists Network online editor Cherie Haas, such sites can serve as a quick means of building brand recognition.

An artist might employ a wide range of marketing strategies online. Being accessible to art lovers and gallery owners is essential for an artist. By developing an online presence, an artist could yield a broad array of exciting possibilities.