2015 Web Design Trends

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It’s no secret fashion changes from year to year. Keeping up with the trends and changes has become a multi-billion dollar business dominated by gurus who have to a large extent come together to define the direction of an entire industry. Web design, while certainly less followed and blogged about as an industry, like fashion changes its styles and methods on a nearly yearly basis.

Four areas, which will no doubt change in 2015, are local, plugins, themes, and mobile.

Local Marketing

Andy, Digital Marketing Manager at Kudos Web Design, one of the prestigious Manchester Web Design firms, says “one of the big trends we have seen in 2014 is business going local on the web. Consumers are increasingly looking for a local service, where they can speak to someone face to face, and talk through options. This will continue to be big in 2015.” This trend will reflect in more personalised websites featuring real people, and placing the business firmly in the community.


2015 is all about the social plugin for WordPress. All of these plugins are designed to allow a website built in 2015 to better integrate with the various social media outlets on the Internet. The usual integrations, for example, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn are all readily available, however, integrations with other plugins is becoming easier. There is a large move in both WordPress and other platforms towards an increasing amount of drag and drop functionality. This will continue to increase as far as plugins are concerned in 2015. Here are 15 social media plugins which may boost your website in 2015.


With WordPress 4.1 coming out, 2015 is sure to be an exciting year. Hidden menus are just one of the features which we can look forward to in 2015. The rationale behind hidden menus is that they allow designers to create a sleeker website with less text and more images designed to create visual appeal. Similarly, what little text will be visible is going to be large and flexible based on the device. This means websites will continue to look increasingly normal on mobile devices, such as Android devices and the iPhone and iPad. Six ecommerce design trends are detailed here for your viewing pleasure.

Mobile Web Trends

Mobile devices will continue to trend towards larger screens in 2015. This will allow users to utilise their mobile devices to do an ever-increasing number of tasks. Convergence between the phone and the “phablet” will continue making the mobile optimisation of your website even more important.

Batteries will continue to increase in size too. Driven by the end users demand for more and more video. Companies, which have not yet invested in a video solution for their users, will be required to up the ante significantly. This means working with a full service web design company will be ever more important.

Change is Constant

The only constant on web in 2015 and all years beyond is continued change. This means it will only become more important to stay on top of trends and changes in the online digital field. For most organisations, there is not enough time to keep tabs on this change, which is why 2015 is probably the year you are going to need a web design firm in your corner.